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Computerized Business Management

Employment is projected to grow 11% from 2012-2022

Average Salary $37,568

Training time: 52 weeks

Start a career in Computerized Business Management

Every business, no matter the size, needs skilled people who can keep track of the money and process a wide variety of business transactions quickly and efficiently. If you see yourself as a working professional that people depend upon, then this course will prepare you to step quickly and competently into a paraprofessional accounting role.

Since this accounting program provides the student with a range of skills that result in a well-rounded and highly skilled employee, graduates can find employment opportunities in a variety of positions from entry-level to administrative or management trainee that cross several disciplines.

What You Need to Get There

Stay ahead of your competitors! Get job ready and become industry-certified by obtaining the Sage Accounting and Microsoft Certification.

Computerized Business Management

Computerized Business Management Diploma Program

Includes all of these courses:

Discovering the Internet Course
Business Today Course
Discovering Computers 2014 Course
Microsoft Word 2013 Course
Marketing (MKTG) Course
Sage 50 Computerized Accounting (2014) Course
Microsoft Windows 8 Course
Microsoft Excel 2013 Course
OH&S Course
Financial Accounting Course
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MDE Provides Flexible Training and Quick Online Courses that Lead to Real Jobs

If your aim is to work in any of these fields, then THIS program is for you:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Administrative Support person
  • Business owner/operator
  • Customer Service
  • Finance Officer
  • Marketing Agent
  • Office Manager

Detailed Content

MDE programs contain practical, easy-to-follow lessons. Each lesson introduces fundamental skills followed by practice exercises to help you apply the material you've learned, and testing to ensure you've learned the objectives.

Business Today

Study of the world of business.

Become familiar with the decision-making techniques used in various business operations. You will gain critical insight into topics such as communications, ethics, economics, business formation, marketing, promotion, distribution, and HR.

Discovering Computers 2014

As technology continues to advance, computers are a part of everyday life.  This makes computer knowledge vital to success in today's world. 

To properly make full use of your computer, you will learn about the hardware needed, the best software to use, and how to navigate the Internet.  You also will discover how to input information and get information (or output) from your computer!

Learn the history of computers and the Internet to see just how far technology has advanced!

Discovering the Internet

This course is an introduction to using the Internet and the World Wide Web.  Learn to find information, communicate with others and conduct business.  Explore a wide range of topics such as; connecting to the Internet, navigating a Web page, online communications, and protecting your computer from viruses.

Email is one of the most popular features of the Internet. Explore elements of an email, email etiquette, learn how to review an incoming email and to compose and send an email.

Once you have mastered the basics, you will then learn to get more out of the Internet. Learn to shop online, manage your personal finances, research topics, play online games, and find information on news, sports and weather!

Financial Accounting

With this course, you will gain a solid understanding of the principles of accounting by analyzing transactions, exploring the adjusting process, accounting for sales, accounts receivable, and payroll.

Preparing accurate financial statements is important. Millions of business decisions are made every day based on financial statements and reports. All figures must be checked and re-checked to ensure complete accuracy. Along with learning accounting systems, terms and procedures - learn to have a keen eye for detail and think critically!

Marketing (MKTG)

Today we live in a world of rapid change; you will learn that marketing is all about change.  Stay current in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

One topic that you will explore is the need for information.  Research and information is the basis for effective marketing. Learn to gather information to understand past events, to know what is happening currently and to predict what will occur in the future.

Selling, advertising, and retailing - this is what most people think of when they hear the word marketing.  The function of marketing activities is to bring buyers and sellers together to facilitate an exchange. Through this course, you will learn that there are a number of ways to define marketing. You will explore topics such as; motivation, perception, ethics, the research process, pricing concepts and technology-driven marketing. 

Microsoft Excel 2013

Learn Excel by creating and formatting a workbook; working with formulas and functions; creating charts, tables, and PivotTables; managing multiple workbooks; and developing an Excel application.

Excel spreadsheets create an efficient environment for manipulating and analyzing data. Spreadsheets are especially useful for inventory, accounting, client lists or other business needs.  You will learn to record and organize data in spreadsheet form, and then manipulate and analyze that data using functions, charts and graphs.

Microsoft Windows 8

Expand your understanding of Windows 8 through experimentation, exploration, and planning ahead.

Windows 8 introduces a brand new way of interacting with computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.  The new interface, which includes tiles, charms, and apps, will revolutionize how people work.

This course will teach the new interface and approach in a way that is easy to learn; exposing you to real-world examples and procedures preparing you to be a skilled operating system user upon completion.

Windows 8 can be customized to fit your individual needs. You will learn skills to use in your personal and professional life such as; to customize desktops, to install hardware and software, to manage folders, to perform advanced searches, to create a document, to save pictures, and to play a music file.

Microsoft Word 2013

This course covers Word 2013 and teaches via step by step video tutorials. You will learn to create, edit and format documents; creating MLA-style research papers; working with tables; using advanced page layout techniques; working with graphics; performing a mail merge; and collaborating with others.

Explore concepts such as changing document settings, creating letterhead, editing and formatting tables. You‘ll learn to create, review, and publish important documents; sharing them in print, through e-mail, and on the web.


No matter what type of business or industry you work in, there’s a need for safety practices and procedures. Every year in Canada, many preventable workplace accidents occur. All workers are equally responsible to help prevent these accidents from happening.

Why wait for bad things to happen? Prepare for today.

This Occupational Health and Safety Course will explain employer and employee rights, explore roles and responsibilities as well as examine OH&S Legislation in jurisdictions throughout Canada.

Sage 50 Computerized Accounting (2014)

Learn to convert, design, and implement a complete accounting system. You will gain a comprehensive coverage of accounting by exploring areas such as; accounting for purchases and payments, understanding discounts, orders and quotes, budgeting, and end of month procedures.

Sage 50, formerly Simply, continues to be the most popular accounting software in today's business world.  You will explore all the functionalities of this computerized accounting program. New to this edition of the Sage 50 course is:

•New homepage dashboard with key financial indicators
•Simpler installation procedure
•New e-mail capabilities with respect to vendor notification of e-payments
•New ability to review posted paycheques without adjusting
•New ability to post paycheques to future years
•Enhanced and simplified business intelligence add-on
•New insurable vacation hours in the Record of Employment

Lessons You Will Learn

Lesson 1: Business Now: Change is the Only Constant
Lesson 2: Business Communication: Creating and Delivering Messages That Matter
Lesson 3: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility: Doing Well by Doing Good
Lesson 4: Economics: The Framework for Business
Lesson 5: Business Formation: Choosing the Form That Fits
Lesson 6: Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Economic Rocket Fuel
Lesson 7: Accounting: Decision Making by the Numbers
Lesson 8: Finance: Acquiring and Using Funds to Maximize Value
Lesson 9: Securities Markets: Trading Financial Resources
Lesson 10: Marketing: Building Profitable Customer Connections
Lesson 11: Product and Promotion: Creating and Communicating Value
Lesson 12: Distribution and Pricing: Right Product, Right Person, Right Place, Right Price
Lesson 13: Management, Motivation, and Leadership: Bringing Business to Life
Lesson 14: Human Resource Management: Building a Top-Quality Workforce
Lesson 15: Managing Information and Technology: Finding New Ways to Learn and Link
Lesson 16: Operations Management: Putting It All Together
Lesson 17: The World Marketplace: Business without Borders
Lesson 1: Digital Literacy Introducing a World of Technology
Lesson 2: The Internet; Accessing, Searching, Sharing, and Communicating
Lesson 3: Computers and Mobile Devices; Evaluating the Possibilities
Lesson 4: Programs and Apps; Using Software at Work, School, and Home
Lesson 5: Digital Safety and Security; Identifying Threats, Issues, and Defenses
Lesson 6: Inside Computers and Mobile Devices; Exploring the Components
Lesson 7: Input and Output; Examining Popular Devices
Lesson 8: Digital Storage; Preserving on Media and in the Cloud
Lesson 9: Operating Systems; Managing, Coordinating, and Monitoring Resources
Lesson 1: Into the Internet
Lesson 2: Browsing the Web
Lesson 3: Searching the Web
Lesson 4: Communicating Online
Lesson 5: Getting More Out of the Internet
Lesson 1: Introduction to Accounting and Business
Lesson 2: Analyzing Transactions
Lesson 3: The Adjusting Process
Lesson 4: Completing the Accounting Cycle
Lesson 5: Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
Lesson 6: Inventories
Lesson 7: Internal Control and Cash
Lesson 8: Receivables
Lesson 9: Property, Plant, and Equipment and other Long-Term Assets
Lesson 10: Current Liabilities and Payroll
Lesson 1: An Overview of Marketing
Lesson 2: The Marketing Environment, Social Responsibility, and Ethics
Lesson 3: Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage
Lesson 4: Decision Support Systems and Marketing Research
Lesson 5: Consumer Decision Making
Lesson 6: Business Marketing
Lesson 7: Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
Lesson 8: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Lesson 9: Product Concepts
Lesson 10: Developing and Managing Products
Lesson 11: Services and Nonprofit Organization Marketing
Lesson 12: Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
Lesson 13: Retailing
Lesson 14: Integrated Marketing Communications
Lesson 15: Advertising, Public Relations, and Direct Response
Lesson 16: Social Media and Marketing
Lesson 17: Sales Promotion and Personal Selling
Lesson 18: Pricing Concepts
Lesson 19: Setting the Right Price
Lesson 20: Developing a Global Vision
Lesson 1: Creating a Worksheet and a Chart
Lesson 2: Formulas, Functions and Formatting
Lesson 3: Working with Large Worksheets, Charting, and What-If Analysis
Lesson 4: Financial Functions, Data Tables, and Amortization Schedules
Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
Lesson 6: Creating, Sorting, and Querying a Table
Lesson 7: Creating Templates, Importing Data, and Working with SmartArt, Images, and Screen Shots
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Windows 8
Lesson 2: File and Folder Management
Lesson 3: Personalizing Windows
Lesson 4: Connecting to the Internet
Lesson 5: Working with the Windows Desktop
Lesson 1: Creating, Formatting, and Editing a Word Document with Pictures
Lesson 2: Creating a Research Paper with References and Sources
Lesson 3: Creating a Business Letter with a Letterhead and Table
Lesson 4: Creating a Document with a Title Page, Lists, Tables and a Watermark
Lesson 5: Using a Template to Create a Resume and Sharing a Finished Document
Lesson 6: Generating Form Letters, Mailing Labels, and a Directory
Lesson 7: Creating a Newsletter with a Pull-Quote and Graphics
Lesson 1: Glossary & Introduction
Lesson 2: The Department, The Division, and The Act
Lesson 3: Employer, Employees, and Safety Officers: Roles and Responsibilities
Lesson 4: OH&S Responsibilities for Organizations
Lesson 5: Workers’ Rights – The 4 R’s
Lesson 6: Information Regarding OH&S Legislation in Other Provinces
Lesson 1: Getting Started: Introduction to Sage 50
Lesson 2: GST, HST, and PST
Lesson 3: Muriel’s Murals: General Journal
Lesson 4: Toss for Tots: General Ledger Setup
Lesson 5: Chai Tea Room: Accounts Payable
Lesson 6: Phoebe's Photo Studio: Accounts Receivable
Lesson 7: Air Care Services: Receivables and Payables Setup
Lesson 8: Helena’s Academy: Payroll Journal
Lesson 9: Lime Light Laundry: Payroll Ledger Setup
Lesson 10: Flabuless Fitness: Inventory Transactions
Lesson 11: Andersson Chiropractic Clinic: Orders, Quotes, and Deposits
Lesson 12: Maple Leaf Rags: Currencies, Remittances, and Accountant’s Copy
Lesson 13: Truman Tires: Allocations and Electronic Payments
Lesson 14: Village Galleries: Budgeting
Lesson 15: Tesses Tresses: Reconciliation and Deposits
Lesson 16: Velocity: Payroll and Inventory Setup
Lesson 17: Stratford Country Inn: Comprehensive Practice
Lesson 18: Ryder’s Routes: Time and Billing
Lesson 19: Able & Associates: Departmental Accounting


Certification exams for this program include:

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You receive all of this and more with your education

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  • Microsoft Specialist Certification Exam Vouchers
  • Practical hands-on exercises that reinforce critical skills
  • Real-world scenarios that put what you've learned into context
  • Simulation tutorials
  • Tutorials
  • Unlimited Support