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What are Mactech's credentials?

Our college's accreditation, certification and reputation speak for itself. Mactech Distance Education is the only private college in North America to be accredited by ISO 9001:2008 and the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission, (CETAC). We offer Microsoft, Adobe and CompTIA certifications. We are a proud member of the National Association of Career Colleges. All of our courses and materials are approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

At Mactech Distance Education we strive for excellence because we want to help you be the BEST that you can be. We don't settle for less than the best – and neither should you! Call us today.


What are the benefits associated with the cost of my education?

Think of it this way: Would you spend $10,000 on a car? $20,000? Within 10 years your investment in personal transportation will slowly crumble into rust and repairs, with little to show for your money. HOWEVER, when you invest in Your Education, the investment lasts a lifetime. Your knowledge grows and accumulates over the years, leading to higher incomes, better career opportunities, and a more comfortable lifestyle.

Call us today to start your path to financial growth. It's your future, spend it wisely.

For 29 years, we have been providing quality education to students at home, allowing the freedom to work and care for the ones they love. Just think of the money saved on travel and childcare costs alone! And, we put YOU first. You will ALWAYS be the priority. You will never be "just another number" to us.


What is accreditation, and why is it important?

Accreditation is an indication of quality. Mactech is Nationally Accredited by CETAC, (the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission). This means that your program is regularly examined by a third-party accrediting organization to prove our quality, methodology, and policies. We have consistently met and often exceeded the standards set by this organization.


What are the benefits of studying online?

Mactech is NOT an online school. We are so much more. We are Distance Education.

An online school is an institution that gives you access to online training materials, and takes your money in return. There is very little human contact. Contrary to "online schools", we are revolutionaries of innovative, open education. With over 29 years' experience as a Distance Education provider we are not a "fly-by-night" online school; instead, we pride ourselves in being one of the best educational providers available anywhere!

So, pick up the phone and have a meaningful conversation with one of our friendly staff – it will undoubtedly be one of the most important calls you will ever make.


Do I have what it takes to be a Mactech student?

Yes! The very fact that you are researching educational options by looking at our website demonstrates that you are motivated to improve your skills, knowledge, career potential and lifestyle. We love that our students are hardworking self-starters with goals and dreams that fuel their passion to learn!

Some Mactech students have recently graduated from high school and are pursuing their first post-secondary qualification in a field of interest. Other students have been in the workforce and are looking for a complete change or are seeking to improve their skill sets. Some of our students are raising children at home. No matter what your circumstances, if you are looking to develop skills and further your education, you've come to the right place!


What do I get when I take a course?

If you want to pursue a brighter future – we want to hear from you today! What's in it for me? Where do we start! To put it briefly:

  • You will receive the very finest materials so that you will enjoy studying, including your computer system and books, outline etc. Call anytime with questions if you are unsure of what to do.
  • You will be supported by "real people" and you will develop enjoyable relationships.
  • You will get all the skills you need to follow your dreams and pursue your perfect career!
  • You will receive an accredited, prestigious post-secondary diploma and will feel proud of your accomplishment!
  • You will get a "Personal Trainer" to help you land that great job when you graduate.
  • You will get an opportunity to write Certification Exams from Industry Leaders like Microsoft, Adobe and CompTIA – AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.
  • And so much more!

Call an Admissions Representative today – we would love to tell you more about the amazing educational experience we offer our students.


Do I need any special equipment or software?

We will provide you with everything you need! You'll be supplied with a new Laptop or Desktop computer, (your choice!), that has been pre-loaded with all the necessary software you will use in your course.

Under the Graduate Incentive Program, when you finish your program successfully and meet the necessary criteria, you will be rewarded by getting to keep your computer and software! It's a wonderful gift that will help you establish the perfect career and continue learning!


Are Mactech programs recognized by employers?

We have a long-standing presence and reputation of credibility as each one of our courses go through a vigorous industry review by relevant businesses before receiving approval and registration with the Department of Education. Employers would certainly recognize the skills you will learn while attending Mactech Distance Education.


Your prices are great!
Can I take a course in the United Kingdom or USA?

Yes! We are proud to offer our programs internationally and would be pleased to discuss how we can bring our Distance Education programs to you, wherever you are. Our programs feature internationally recognized software applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and Sage.

There may be funding options available in your country that could assist you in your academic endeavor. Please call our Canadian Office at 902-794-1234 to speak with one of our Admissions Representatives so we can give you the information you need to become a Mactech Distance Education student today!


What does working at my "own pace" mean?

At Mactech Distance Education, you are in the driver's seat! Before your classes begin, we will supply you with an official start date and end date for your 45 – 52 week program and an Assignment Submission Schedule to follow. You will be submitting your work through a combination of online examinations and uploads to your instructors.

We expect that you dedicate 21-25 hours a week to your study, which works out to roughly 3-4 hours a day. When you choose to study is entirely up to you! You can work ahead of your assigned schedule if you like and get ahead if you know you have an important event coming up. Plan your education to fit around your life!


What makes your instructors so special?

Our Instructors care about their students and they love their job! That means, when you call for help - even 10 times in a day, you get respect and kindness.

Then, there is a matter of their credentials. From having a degree in education to many more technical diplomas and certifications, Instructors have over a century of combined experience working and teaching in their chosen field. They provide personalized assistance, monitor your progress, grade your tests and assignments and give you concrete suggestions for improvement.

Receive as much or as little help as you need with just a toll-free call, from dynamic, supportive people who truly want you to succeed! They are simply the best!


What are the risks in applying for a course at Mactech Distance Education?

You have nothing to lose when you apply for a program at Mactech Distance Education! We believe everyone has the right to pursue post-secondary education; for that reason, we do not charge a seat or registration fee. We are so committed to providing a "stress-free" educational experience that we do not start you in your course until funding is arranged and you approve the agreement.

If you do not receive the required funding, or do not meet our admission requirements, we simply close the file and you are welcome to apply again at a later date. So, what's holding you back? Give us a call or apply online today!


After I graduate from Mactech are you going to forget about me or will you still offer me support?

At Mactech Distance Education, we're here for you as long as you need us. If you require assistance in order to enter the job market, our Career Services Department is available to offer you support after you graduate. Student Services is ready to provide you with transcripts and letters, and Admissions would love to speak with you if you feel like pursuing additional education.

Our Facebook page is a dynamic community of individuals who share similar experiences, ambitions and career goals. At Mactech, you can develop lifelong meaningful relationships! Give us a call, or send us an e-mail. We want to meet you today!


What sets Mactech Distance Education apart from other colleges?

At Mactech Distance Education we strive for excellence and work alongside the best to ensure that we remain the leading Distance Education College of Canada:

  • We are the only Private Career College in North America to be Nationally Accredited by CETAC and ISO 9001:2008 registered. See more of our Certifications and Accreditations...
  • We are a Microsoft IT Academy. We teach our students to use the most relevant office software which gives them a firm foundation for their careers, and the opportunity to earn a Microsoft Certification.
  • We are a CompTIA Authorized Academy. Students receive a solid foundation, and can choose to get Certification; proof of technical skills which will open doors to diverse and lucrative career paths.
  • Our students have computer options depending on their chosen program of study. Mac or Lenovo. Desktop or laptop. Both are award-winning computer brands.
  • We are a proud and well respected member of the National Association of Career Colleges and the Private Colleges Association of Nova Scotia.

What are the advantages of distance education?

Study at your own pace. Attending a traditional institution requires each individual to conform to a rigid schedule set by the institution. We offer each student 24-hour access to unlimited tutorial assistance through a combination of toll-free facilitation and web-based support to ensure you receive the education you deserve. Gain the latest practical real-world experience through continuously updated courses.

Graduates demonstrate workplace skill sets everyone needs but so few people have a chance to develop including: responsibility, motivation, confidence, dedication, perseverance, and self-reliance.


What financial options do I have?

Most people who seek training through Mactech are prompted into action because they are not satisfied with their current financial situation- A sure way to remedy this is to furthering their education. Marketing and Admissions staff have extensive knowledge regarding financial support and the most recent changes to the Canada Student Loans Program.

We provide you with an application form and assist you in completing the necessary paperwork. Many students over the years received full and partial funding from organizations such as Human Resources Developments Canada, Workers Compensation Board, and Healthcare Facilities. For a complete list of sponsors, please call Admissions at 1-866-977-1400.


When can I start a course?

You can start at any time. Simply request and complete an enrollment package. The rest is easy! Carefully select the program that best suits your personal objectives. Need help? Call and speak with a representative from our Admissions Office. Call toll free for information: 1-888-622-8324.

Mactech Distance Education courses cater to your schedule; not ours. As soon as your financing is in place, you will receive the computer system, text books, course outlines and submission schedule. The official start date is the actual day you receive your materials. You then have until your course end date to complete your program.


Will I be able to keep the computer system?

Through Mactech Distance Education's Graduate Incentive Program, all you have to do is Graduate and pay your tuition in full prior to your finish date, and the system is yours.

This is our way of congratulating you on a job well done! There is no hidden purchase price or non-refundable deposit. We want you to continue the learning process, keep up to date with your new skills and be ready to find employment or apply for that promotion.

See more on the graduate incentive program...


What type of work am I qualified to do upon completion?

The course you choose will determine the type of work you may qualify for upon completion of your course. Essentially, most employment opportunities you apply for require computer training.

Our Post-Graduate Support Program assists new graduates in their approach to finding meaningful employment. See each course for information about specific employment ventures.


Where do I turn for help if I need it?

Even though you study Mactech Distance Education courses in your own home, you are never alone. You receive personalized instruction from skilled, Microsoft Certified instructors who monitor your progress, grade your tests and assignments, and give you concrete suggestions for improvement.

An Instructor can help guide you through any difficulty you have. Receive as much or as little help as you need. At Mactech, we realize that your routine is hectic and may change from day-to-day. You may call for assistance during the day or evening. Or, you can refer to our on-line Student Support Center to find answers to common questions.


How will this course help develop my potential?

Mactech courses have been specifically designed for home study. Unlike other schools, we don't adapt classroom courses. Every course is individually created for you to learn at your own pace, in your home.

Student Satisfaction Surveys consistently rank Mactech Distance Education "among the best anywhere" for instructor support, course content, equipment, materials and other vital educational purposes. Graduating from a qualified school and receiving your Certification is a proud accomplishment and a definite foot in the door when you apply for a job. Employers are looking for people with the skills provided by Mactech. Our courses are occupationally driven, and deliver knowledge in real world situations.


What are the entrance requirements?

Entrance into any HomeEd program requires a high school diploma endorsed by a provincial or territorial education authority, an equivalent such as the General Education Development (GED) Designation, a passing grade on a standardized test, or Mature Student Status.

These courses include: Computerized Business Management, Administrative Legal Computer, Visual Publishing and Web Design, Creative Digital Media, Human Resources Administration, Administrative Medical Computer, Microsoft Office Professional.

For Advanced Medical with Accounting, students must prove competencies in the Microsoft Office Suite and should have good mathematical skills before beginning the program.

Entrance into the Multimedia and Animation program requires the same PLUS a relevant post-secondary technical diploma or an undergraduate degree.

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