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E-Books vs. Print Books

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For years now there has been ongoing debate in the world of publishing about which is better – E-Books or Print Books.

Most everyone is familiar with traditional print books but in recent years e-Books having been gaining popularity. There are varying opinions on which form of publication is better and here are some key points on each side of the debate:

  • They are quicker to obtain – if you want specific information and it’s available in a book you can purchase an eBook and download it immediately, instead of waiting for a printed book to be delivered.
  • They are more portable – eBooks are much easier to take with you than traditional books.
  • They take up less space – you can store, literally, thousands of e-Books on your computer or e-reader.
  • They usually have bonus material – most eBooks are sold with related information such as companion CD’s and software, trivia, extra excerpts, etc…
  • They provide search ability – You can search for topics or keywords inside your eBook or out on the Web. This is a great tool to expand the reading experience.

Print Books
  • There is something comfortable and cozy about reading a “real” book - you can fold down the page corners and underline passages, write personal notes inside and pass the book on to a friend.
  • There are no software upgrades - you never have to buy a new Kindle or iPad to enjoy printed books. Digital data degrades over time and software becomes obsolete. Print books can last for centuries.
  • There are no batteries required - you don't need a computer or an Internet connection to read a printed book.
  • They don't melt or break - you can leave a book out in the sun or in a hot car.
  • You buy it, you own it. You can never be 100% sure if/when an e-book will be deleted from your e-reader.

E-Books or Print Books – which do you prefer?
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I prefer a print book for all of the reasons that are listed above.
There is something special about opening a used book especially a first edition.