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Earning Certification is the Key

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Technology is at the heart of every major industry – finance, manufacturing, education, government, retail services, healthcare, food services, entertainment, hospitality, etc. Today’s technology is changing the way we learn, work, play, and interact; the digital world is expanding, which is why now is a great time to start a program that will get you into a career in IT.

Education is important and certification is the key; earning certification will put you ahead of the technology curve. Certifications prove to employers that you have the fundamental knowledge they need now.

When seeking the best candidates, employers often look for those with proven experience. When this happens, graduates with no previous professional job experience can find themselves stuck. Internships and work placements are two ways to gain experience and prove your worth, but earning industry certifications is another top notch way to prove you have what it takes!

Certification defines individuals as being serious about their career and skilled in their work. Those who earn certification in their field demonstrate a keen grasp of technical content and a willingness to work hard to advance in their profession, both of which are attractive qualities to employers. Make certification a prominent part of your education!