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Making your Mark with Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing and Web Site Design

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Are you a creative outside of the box thinker? You might be in the right place!

Creative Digital Media is a course offered by Mactech Distance Education that teaches you the tools, and the skills needed to leave your mark in the ever growing industry of Graphic and Web Design. During the course you will be introduced to the most current Adobe Software Training that you will continue to use throughout your career.

You'll first be introduced to the tools and learn how to use them step by step from the practical perspective. Once you've completed the software training, start using the skills acquired to develop creative projects and build your portfolio.

Throughout the course you will also have access to Graphic Design Instructors experienced as Freelance Artists and Designers, Photo Editors, Web Designers and Animators. They’ll give you advice, input , critique your work, and help you master the software to achieve your career goals.

This course is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to break through into the wide world of Graphic Design.