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Top Skills Required To Be an Office Professional

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In today’s busy work environment, you need to be on top of your game to expect promotions and career advancement. Possessing theoretical or technical knowledge does not always relate to practical experience in a professional office setting. This is why more and more programs are beginning to require hands-on training. Here are the top 9 skills that you should focus on when working in an office environment.

Touch Typist
Office employees require a significant amount of skill typing. This usually includes transcription, dictation, and/or data entry. Make sure that you can type between 70 to 100 words per minute. Also, brush up on the various tools included within Microsoft Office Professional to stay ahead of the curve.

Service with a Smile
Customer service skills matter even in an office environment. Keeping a positive attitude regardless of the situation will ensure a healthy working relationship with your coworkers.

Today’s business atmosphere is hectic and often requires you to do multiple tasks all at the same time. Due to the current state of the economy, employers expect employees to do more with less. Stand out from the rest of your coworkers by managing more tasks in less time.

Microsoft Office Professional
Having some knowledge about Microsoft Office is no longer the standard. You need to be fully aware of every aspect of Microsoft Office Professional to be able to prove your worth in an office environment.

Information Sifter
It is of the utmost importance that employees be able to sift through information quickly to understand and present a summary to your supervisor.

Most office workers expect a 9 to 5 job, but today’s workplace requires flexibility and availability. This shows your employer that you are committed to your position and career.

High productivity requires you to pay particular attention to your duties consistently throughout the day. This means keeping your breaks to a minimum and focusing on the tasks at hand.

Being an office employee or manager requires you to take steps to ensure proper workflow without being asked. This will allow you to avoid possible crisis situations because you possessed the proper foresight.

Computer Skills
You need to be familiar with many different types of software including Microsoft Office Professional. You should also have knowledge pertaining to applications such as email clients, Windows, social media sites, accounting programs, and other proprietary software. Computers are such an integral part of today’s office that being an expert in these fields is necessary to further your career.

By keeping these skills in mind when you start your career, you should be able to find a college that will supply you with the skillset that employers demand.