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What Career is Right for You?

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The labour shortages long forecasted as a consequence of the retiring “Baby Boomer” generation are finally catching up with the Canadian economy, and experts are warning that young people aren’t making the educational choices that will allow them to step into the vacant positions.

Many young people have been victims of poor advice, encouraged to follow their impulses and passions instead of making realistic plans for a difficult job market. Choosing the right career is important, but what is the right career for you? To answer that question you need to think about the following points:

• Which careers match your interests and abilities
• What kinds of education and training you may need
• What occupations are most likely to be in demand now and in the future

It is becoming increasingly difficult to accurately predict which occupations will be in demand in the future. Economic conditions, technological developments, demographics and consumer behavior all play a role in future job markets. Canadian Business's website has published a list of Canada’s 100 Best Jobs for 2014, which can provide some insight on where job trends are heading.

Understanding these patterns of change in the job market is an important step in making an informed choice about your career future.