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Today's employer is looking for individuals with proven credentials, certification is the primary tool used to validate the abilities of potential employees.

With each HomeED program, there are particular modules that have certification exams. We want you to take your newly acquired skills one step further and increase your personal sense of accomplishment by completing the Certification Exam(s) - that’s why they’re included with every program!

Certifications show an employer your proficiency, and puts you a step above other candidates with comparable skill sets. Get the education to PROVE you have what it takes.

Showcase your skill level and show you're worth the investment.

Adobe Certified Associate

Become an Adobe Certified Associate and show that you have skills recognized by employers. By proving your proficiency with Adobe, you demonstrate your commitment to advancing skills and taking on greater challenges.

Adobe Approved Certification Courseware Mactech uses Certified Associate Approved Courseware. Certified students are more attractive to potential employers and better prepared to hit the ground running on day-one of their new job.

Adobe Certified Associate Exam(s) are included in:

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of Microsoft Office by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Certifications are your proof - they show employers that you have the fundamental knowledge they want, making you an attractive candidate for employment.

Microsoft Office Specialist Microsoft Certification is an industry standard recognized worldwide. Microsoft Office Specialists can exchange ideas with peers, increase knowledge and skills, and broaden career opportunities.

Microsoft Office Specialist Exam(s) are included in:

Sage 50 Certification

Stand out from the crowd and show the world your “know-how” with Sage Certification. Sage Certification can simplify the employee selection and hiring process by identifying individuals with the skills to be productive right from the start.

Sage 50 Certification Sage Certification will set you apart in today’s competitive job market, bringing employment opportunities, greater earning potential and career advancement. Become a Sage Certified User increase your value!

The Sage 50 Accounting Exam is included in:

CompTIA Certification

CompTIA certifications help identify qualified, knowledgeable employees and match them with hiring employers. They are a trusted predictor of employee success and are a great starting point for a career in IT. Earning certification will put you ahead of the technology curve!

CompTIA Certification In a rapidly evolving field like technology, employers can find it difficult to pinpoint candidates with the right knowledge and skills. Become a CompTIA Certified Professional and show your proficiency.

The CompTIA Certification Exam(s) are included in:

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