Online Medical Receptionist or Ward Clerk Course

Learn to take patient information, schedule appointments, manage mail and correspondence, and maintain records.

The Administrative Medical Computer Program is a must-have for anyone wanting to work in a medical office or hospital!

The medical environment is an ever-changing and dynamic field. There are a vast number of duties that a Ward Clark or Medical Assistant can be responsible for such as greeting patients, booking appointments, writing correspondence, communicating with physicians and patients, updating charts and medical records, maintaining medical supply inventory, banking and payroll, as well as filing, photocopying and faxing.

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Take the next step towards an exciting future. Study medical office administration online and prepare for Microsoft Industry Certification exams. There's no better time to start!

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Students will gain a solid understanding of key medical office tasks as well as Medical Terminology - covering spelling, meaning and pronunciation. Organizational and business skills will also be explored.

If you’re interested in maintaining medical supply inventory, budgeting, banking and payroll, Advanced Medical with Accounting could be the program for you. With this advanced program, you will learn all the essential skills for a medical office along with an accounting component.

Make education your top priority. It is also vital to be fluent in Medical Terminology so that proper communication can take place with the physician, patient and other medical professionals. Enroll today!

Some career choices for Graduates include:

  • Ward/Unit Clerk
  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Records Clerk
  • Patient Representative

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Administrative Medical Computer Graduate

"I am happy to say that after almost 8 years of being a stay-at-home mom of three boys, I am now back in the work-force and enjoying every day working with the public. I was employed in April with a local doctor's office in my community and love the fact that I am helping people. The doctors are wonderful and my co-workers are the best. Thank you so much Mactech for giving me something that helps me hold my head up high!"

-- Dianna Dalrymple
Administrative Medical Computer Graduate

Ward Clerk

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