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Blue Moon – Friday July 31, 2015

It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over already. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer as it’s the best time of the year, lots of time to be outside enjoying the weather, family and friends. This weekend many of us will be celebrating the Civic Holiday, so get out, be active and enjoy! Today is also Blue Moon day, Friday July 31, 2015. Tonight’s Blue Moon is unlike anything we’ve seen since 2012 and we won’t see it again until early 2018. The color of the moon will not change,… [Read More]

Today is National “Eat your vegetables day!” - June 17, 2015

What vegetables are you or your family going to eat today? Five a day is just the starting point to get your veggies in, but maybe try adding them to a smoothie or try new recipes for your family to enjoy. This time of year take advantage of all the fresh spring and very soon summer veggies!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - May 28, 2015

With the arrival of Summer and with warm sunny days, many of us are trying to get outside and to get some yard work done. Sometimes these chores get brought to a halt because of those pesty mosquitoes! The next time you’re trying to get some yard work done and maybe trying to get some gardening completed. Place a dryer sheet in your belt loop or attach to your shirt. Some people like to rub the fabric softener sheets on their exposed skin. It really does work! The next time your outside or… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - May 21, 2015

Here is a great tip to avoid the afternoon slump at work. Try to choose an afternoon snack that will give you energy and nutrition at the same time. Try to make choices like: • Raisins & almonds • Greek yogurt & fruit • Veggies & hummus Hope these tips help to escape the cookie trap!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - May 14, 2015

With the holiday weekend just around the corner and the camping and BBQ season soon to begin, many of us will be celebrating with family & friends. So here is a tip to add to your party event. Here are some helpful tips to make flavorful ice cubes. This idea can spice up your favorite drink, or be an added flavor to water. Add herbs or fruit to your ice cube trays. Some ideas are blueberries, strawberries, lemons or even mint. What a great idea for summer drinks or even iced tea. Fruit ice… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

How to make your fresh cut flowers and bouquets last longer? When we receive a beautiful floral arrangement or fresh cut flowers we want to make them last as long as possible. Here is a great tip to make the flowers last longer by using a common ingredient found around the house. It can be used to sanitize your toilets so why wouldn’t you use it to disinfect germs that might be lurking around your flower vase? It helps keep the flowers from wilting too fast and prevent mold from growing in the… [Read More]

Tip Thursday

With all the winter weather these past few weeks, here is a great tip. Ice proof your car windows. Just fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water and spray on your car windows at night. In the morning, they should be clear of the icy mess. Prevent your car doors from freezing shut using cooking spray. De-ice your frozen car lock by putting some hand sanitizer gel on the key and the lock.… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - winter tip to make life easier

How to melt sidewalk ice? Don’t spend money on store bought de-icers, use this frugal tip instead: Sprinkle baking soda onto your porch/sidewalk/steps and the ice will melt away! Using this method is also safer for wood and concrete as opposed to store bought methods. Give it a try!… [Read More]

Just some thoughts - December 5, 2014

Well, it’s hard to believe that there is only a few weeks left in 2014. Do you remember all the things you wanted to accomplish this year? There is still time. Remember life is not about what you own – it’s about how much you live. Happy Friday and enjoy!… [Read More]

Happy Friday - November 28, 2014

Well, November is almost behind us and we are getting ready for a busy month ahead. For many of us it’s putting out our Christmas decorations and preparing some of our favorite festive recipes for this special time of year. Remember the real reason to embrace the holiday season. It’s about spending time with the ones you care about. And now that the weekend is here, I’m excited to spend even more time with my family and friends. Have a great weekend!… [Read More]

Happy Friday November 21, 2014

Some thoughts as we enter the Christmas/holiday season...It is important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large, wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and some of us are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And many people have no one to spend these times with and are overwhelmed by loneliness. Take some time this weekend to reflect and see what you and your family can do to make someone feel special this… [Read More]

Tip Thursday – November 20, 2014

With the Holiday season quickly approaching and the daily tasks are getting busier. Many people struggle with depression and stress. Here are some tips that can make your life a little less hectic. Tips to De-stress: • Take some “me time” right now • Remember…this too shall pass • Walk outside, breathe, connect with the source of your stress • Laugh • Step away from the situation • Identify what you really want • Get help – you don’t have to do it all alone • Re-evaluate your priorities •… [Read More]

Tip Thursday – November 13, 2014

Here’s a great wellness tip, eat breakfast and be happy! Put happiness at the top of your to-do-list by starting your day off with a perk-up breakfast. Eating breakfast gives you more energy and nutrients, but it is also a mood changer. Start your day with something that makes you feel good, like oats with honey, or whole grain toast with bananas and almonds, or eggs with veggies. Start your day off in the right direction!… [Read More]

Welcome to November

The first week of November is over already and this week was an adjustment with the daylight savings time. Hopefully, everyone is adjusted and settled back into their regular routines by now. The dreaded fall flu is quickly approaching us, here are some simple solutions that will keep you healthy and avoid the fevers, congestion, runny nose and aches of getting sick. Best ways to avoid a cold or flu: • Wash your hands frequently – the best way to prevent colds and flu, wash hands with warm… [Read More]

Happy Halloween! October 31, 2014

Well, today is the day that the ghosts, goblins and little pumpkins will be out trick or treating. For those driving around on Halloween remember to slow down and watch out for excited children who will be darting through the neighborhoods. When children return home with a bounty of goodies, remind them to wait until parents have thoroughly inspected their treat bag. Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday! October 30, 2014

Tomorrow is Halloween and every child cannot wait to get out and do some trick or treating. Here are some great tips for healthy choices on Halloween day. • Knowing that the night will be full of treats, lighten up the rest of the meals. • Include healthy, fiber-rich foods for breakfast that morning to ensure your kids will be satisfied and full going to school, which may help cut back on them snacking on treats at school Halloween parties. • Discuss how much candy would be reasonable for the… [Read More]

TGIF – October 24, 2014

The week-end is just around the corner and many of us are getting our plans underway. For some it may include some Halloween parties or just getting some Fall chores out of the way. For our family, it will be a week-end spent in hockey rinks and we can’t wait! What are you looking forward to this week-end?… [Read More]

Tip Thursday! October 23, 2014

There is simply nothing better than Sunday morning breakfast, in our home that includes cooking bacon. Here is a great tip that I would like to share with your family. Did you know that running bacon under cold water before cooking will reduce shrinking by up to 50%. Also, always cook bacon in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 F for maximum flavoring. Enjoy!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday – October 16, 2014

How to keep apples from turning brown after slicing them for a party or snack... Brush or dip sliced apples in lemon juice, or soak cut apples in ginger ale pop! It works great!… [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving – October 10, 2014

Well, the week-end is just around the corner and many of us will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Take this time to enjoy your time with your family and the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday – October 9, 2014

Do you prefer to eat your ice cream soft? If you do than I have the perfect tip for you. Store your ice cream carton or container in a large ziplock freezer bag to keep it soft. No need to bend your spoon! Enjoy!… [Read More]

Fall into fitness, Wednesday October 8, 2014

It’s a great time to go for a walk or for a bike ride with the cooler temperatures and autumn is the perfect season to start a routine and to get people motivated. Remember to try to get your daily dose of physical activity, either alone or with your kids. Maybe try something new? Or maybe even think about getting a fresh start? What are some ideas to get in some physical activity this Thanksgiving week-end? Have a great day everyone!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - August 21, 2014

How to get rid of fruit flies? Here is a great tip to get rid of those pesky fruit flies that seem to invade homes during the summer months! I have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and they work like magic! ~Easy fruit fly trap~ Place 2 – 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in the plastic wrap and the flies get in, but not back out. Pests, be gone!… [Read More]

Happy Hump Day!

It’s hard to believe that it is the middle of the week again. This summer is certainly passing very quickly. You know summer’s coming to a close when it’s time to shop for school supplies. Many of us have finished or almost finished our back to school shopping. I know that our household is looking forward to getting back into a routine. Summer schedules bring lots of fun but sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy and get some physical activity into your day. Do you like getting back into a routine?… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

Well, hope everyone is enjoying their summer; it’s hard to believe that you can already feel the cool fall temperatures in the air. But it is the perfect temperature for picking berries, especially raspberries and blueberries. There are so many yummy desert recipes you can make or maybe add them to your favorite cereal or yogurt. Or maybe you just want to freeze them to enjoy over the winter months. Here are some “Tips to Freeze Summer Berries”: • Make sure that the fruit is fresh and at the… [Read More]

Tip Thursday

Well, it’s that time of year when it’s hard to keep certain foods fresh. With the high humidity the storage of certain foods can be challenging. Here’s your tip for “Tip Thursday” How to keep potatoes fresh? To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. Hopefully, this will help you from composting your spoiled potatoes. Happy Thursday!… [Read More]

Wednesday July 30, 2014

It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over already. I hope that everyone is enjoying summer as it’s the best time of the year, lots of time to be outside enjoying the weather, family, friends and lots of food and drinks. This week-end many of us will be celebrating the Civic Holiday, so get out, be active and enjoy! Happy Hump day!… [Read More]

Welcome to the week-end!

The week-end is just around the corner. Try to get out enjoy the beautiful weather. It's been a very busy week and it's hard to believe that July is almost over. Have a great week-end,… [Read More]

Happy Friday....Let the Week-end begin!

Wow....what a busy week and the week-end is just around the corner. Try to get out and enjoy this time to catch up with family and friends. Hope everyone has a great week-end!… [Read More]

Friday July 11, 2014

The week-end is just around the corner and the weather for the week-end looks awesome! So take this week-end to get out and enjoy the nice weather and spend some time with your family. Don’t forget to use your sunscreen and hydrate yourself with lots of water. Get out enjoy and have fun. Have a great week-end!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

Easy way to clean your microwave – heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes, the steam will dissolve stuck on stains and food particles. Simply just wipe off! Super easy! Have a great day!… [Read More]

Happy Friday – July 4

The week-end is here and it’s the first week-end of July. Many of us we’ll be making plans for some fun this week-end. Many of us in the Atlantic Provinces will also batten down the hatches as well, preparing for hurricane Arthur. Be prepared and be safe. Have a great week-end!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - July 3

Hope everyone is having a great week. Here’s a great tip that I want to share with you for the summer. Drying laundry outside saves money and energy! The bonus is it smells refreshing as well! Have a great day.… [Read More]

Week-end just around the corner………..

Well, it was a great week and the kids finished their last week of school. Many of us will be looking forward to the week-end. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we’ll get some warm sunny days. Canada Day is also approaching, there are lots of activities taking place in every community, take a moment and check out what’s happening in your area. Here’s to a great week-end and Happy Canada Day!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday - June 26, 2014

Since the end of the school year is near, many of us have a road trip planned during the summer break. Here are some Traveling Tips for toddlers and children; • Do a media fast before the trip – take away all electronics, than give them to play with on the trip • Invest in a headrest DVD player – watching movies will make the trip go faster for kids • Serve special snacks – pick up their favorite snacks • Pack a busy bag – go to the Dollar store and pick some craft items, books, travel games… [Read More]

We’re halfway there!

Well, it’s the middle of the week already. I tried this recipe last night and it was a huge hit in our house. I loved it because it was quick, easy and delicious. So I wanted to share it with all of you! Oven-Baked Chicken Fajitas Ingredients: 1 large onion 1 medium red bell pepper (I used a mixture of bell peppers-red, yellow & orange about two cups) 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts 1 package Old El Paso fajita seasonings mix Soft tortillas or tacos Directions: • Heat oven to 400F. Spray… [Read More]

National Aboriginal Day – Share in the celebration!

On June 21st Canadians are invited to take part in the many celebrations across Canada. National Aboriginal Day is a day recognizing and celebrating the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples of Canada. Encourage your families to take part in some of the activities in your community. Allow them the opportunity to celebrate and share knowledge about the Aboriginal peoples’ values, customs, languages, and culture. Have a great… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

Here are just a few of the many uses for vinegar. Many people suggest, that it has 101 amazing uses for around the house. Try some of these, you won’t be disappointed. It has an added bonus of being environment friendly and very economical. Cooking • For extra tenderness with boiling ribs or stew meat add a tablespoon of white distilled vinegar • To keep eggs from cracking when boiling add a tablespoon or two of white distilled vinegar to water Cleaning • Get shining finish on a no-wax vinyl or… [Read More]

Happy Friday!

Well, everyone is looking forward to the week-end. With Father’s Day this Sunday, many of us will be celebrating. Remember it’s not about gifts and cards. It’s about spending time with fathers and sharing stories and reminiscing. Take a walk, tell him that you love him and create memories that you both will remember in the future. Happy Father’s Day and have a great week-end!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

Cool use for Tea….. Did you know that most plants get a boost from tea? You can water indoor plants with cooled brewed tea (hold the milk & sugar) or you can add tea leaves to your garden. Tea actually nourishes your plants. So the next time you have left over tea in your teapot, don’t throw it down the drain. Water or feed your plants!… [Read More]

Have you ever thought about making a Summer’s Bucket List?

This is something that our family loves to do each summer, to take advantage of just how fast the summer flies by. Maybe it’s a new adventure or to host a bonfire party or try a new summer activity. We love to do a new adventure every summer. We always try a new hiking trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The trails are usually challenging & the view is absolutely breathtaking. Our kids can’t wait to see where the trail will take us! We’re always creating new memories for our… [Read More]

Week-end Right Around Corner

Happy Friday Everyone! I couldn’t be happier that this week-end is finally here. I plan on spending some time with my family this week-end. What are your plans? I’m also volunteering with the Relay for Life event. Please continue to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Celebrate! Remember! Fight Back! Have a great… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

Here’s a great tip for when you’re in a rush in the morning. Try making some freezer smoothie-packs. Take some fruit place in small freezer bags and freeze. In the morning grab a bag from the freezer, throw it in a blender and then add your favorite yogurt and/or milk. Smoothie freezer packs make a healthy breakfast in a snap!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

Why not make drinking water fun! Many of us have a hard time drinking water but if you were to add fruit, vegetables or herbs you may just be more interested in getting in that H2O. It only takes a few minutes to turn a jug full of water into something much more exciting. Infused water is convenient, delicious, there are simple combinations and it helps you stay hydrated easily. My personal favorite is cucumber water it is so refreshing and reminds me of summertime. Recipe: • sliced thin ¼ of… [Read More]

Happy Hump Day!

It’s the middle of the week and it’s been a busy week for sure. Some days are just a little tougher than others. Surround yourself with positive people ….and you will have positive expectations. Enjoy your day!… [Read More]

Tip Thursday!

It’s another new day, another day to take a different path or maybe you’re off down a new road. Where ever your journey takes you, remember to reach for more as what you have is never enough. Today, I’m going to start Thursday with a tip! Whether it is food related, exercise related or just something useful to share, everyone enjoys a great idea or tip! Today, I’m going to share a tip with you something that can certainly be an inconvenience. Did you ever go to use the brown sugar in a recipe… [Read More]

Happy Victoria Day Week-end!

It’s a beautiful day today….and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. Remember, to put on your sunscreen and a hat, to protect yourself from those harmful rays. With the long week-end just around the corner, make the best of the kickoff to summer. Many of us will get together with family and friends to fire up the barbecue or maybe it’s your first official week-end of cottage season. Either way try to get out and enjoy some much needed time with family and friends. Have a great… [Read More]

Victoria Day Week-end

With Victoria Day just around the corner, what are your plans on this May long week-end? On the East Coast we traditionally have always called the May long week-end Hiking Day. So what do you have planned for escaping to the outdoors? We enjoy packing a lunch and hiking a trail called Uisage Ban Falls which is located in Baddeck. Once we complete the trail we than have a picnic. It’s a great way to spend some time with your family and get in some physical activity.… [Read More]

Hello Friday!

Today is the country’s first National Day of Honour. It is almost two months since the last Canadian soldiers who served in the military mission to Afghanistan returned home. So, today remember the ones who are still serving our Country and never forget the ones we lost. It’s Friday and it’s sunny, so no matter how this day proceeds, there is something to look forward to. It’s been an extremely busy week. We are all looking forward to the week-end and of course Mother’s Day. Many of us will be… [Read More]

Week-end is just around the corner….

Well, it’s a dreary day today, it’s rainy and cold. What are your plans for the week-end? I would love to make something new to try for supper over the week-end. Does anyone have any recipe’s they would like to share? Last week-end my children and I went grocery shopping so they could find different ideas for their lunch boxes. I was ready to pull my hair out. So I came home put away the same old stuff, and started researching some new ideas. Making lunches can be very boring as I’m always… [Read More]

Happy month of May!

May is known for flowers, it is typically the most beautiful month of the year. Hopefully we will see the days get warmer and start to spend more time outdoors. For many of us camping season is also this month. This is something to look forward to and enjoy. Have a great day and “Be the best you can be”.… [Read More]

Last day of April!

Well, it’s the last day of April; this month just went by so fast. Bring on May and hopefully some warm sunny days. Last night I went for a walk, it was cold but I was in desperate need of some fresh air. The walk definitely felt refreshing and I actually had a lot more energy when I got back. The best part I had a great sound sleep last night. Now that the nicer weather is upon us hopefully that will get us more energized. Start by doing a bit of physical activity and the more we do the more… [Read More]

Do you feel overwhelmed and hopeless and don’t know where to start?

Here are some tips to help revitalize your hibernating home with simple Spring cleaning suggestions. 1. Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty again. 2. Do one room, even one area of one room, at a time to avoid unfinished jobs. This will make your hard work feel worth it! 3. When tidy, reduce trips around the house by temporarily placing items in a basket to deposit them later. 4. Do two things at once. When cleaning the bathroom, throw in some… [Read More]

Feeling creative ?

What are you having for supper tonight? Do you have any ideas or recipes that you would like to share with our group?… [Read More]

Happy Hump Day!

Are you feeling sluggish after all the Easter chocolate? Remember to share all your chocolate treats and even throw them in the freezer for a few months down the road. Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter, our family enjoyed every moment, and we even got out to do some yard work. We took advantage of the warmer weather to get some vitamin D! Be Healthy, Be Happy!… [Read More]

Friday March 28, 2014

Well, it’s hard to believe that March is almost over. What a long month but it was a very busy month for many of us. Hopefully, April will bring better weather so that we can all get outside in the fresh air for some activities. Many of our winter sports will be coming to an end this week-end, with hockey and skiing finishing up for the season. What a great year it was! Hopefully our exercise for shoveling snow is over and we can prepare for mowing lawns, raking leaves and planting flowers. A… [Read More]

Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Well, many of us are cleaning up after a beautiful spring snow storm. Let’s hope this is the last of the white stuff. One topic I want to discuss today is our rising grocery bill. This is probably one of the famous topics with your friends and family is trying to budget grocery shop and eat healthy. I personally see that I am spending more money and taking home fewer bags of groceries. Here are some budget grocery shopping tips: • Buy in bulk – if you buy bigger packages, when you get home… [Read More]


Well, the week-end is soon upon us and many of us are looking forward to enjoying time with our family. I am hoping to get out for a nice walk with the warmer weather this week-end. There is simply nothing better than the fresh air to brighten your spirits for the spring! Today is also the “Great Big Crunch” which is a special day of good food education, ending with a massive, synchronized bite into a crunchy apple to celebrate. Many schools, homes, work places, and communities across Canada… [Read More]

Happy First Day of Spring!

Well, today is the first day of spring. So hopefully we can look forward to some nice days ahead. The month of March is quickly passing us by. Hope everyone that was on March break last week had some time to enjoy the spring break. Our hockey trip to Montreal was amazing and we fell in love with this specular city. We will definitely be going back for some more adventures. Now that the time has changed we can get out for an evening walk, just make sure you buddle up. Hope everyone enjoys their… [Read More]

Happy Monday!

It’s Monday again! New day, new week. Many of us will be enjoying March break. Whether it’s a vacation close to home or a vacation away from home, try to get your kids active and keep them busy over their break. It could be as simply as a family movie night, crafts, swimming or maybe try a winter sport like skiing. Get your kids off the couch and active over the March break. My family is travelling to Montreal to a hockey tournament. We’ve been planning this trip for months with our son’s… [Read More]

Friday March 7, 2014

Well, today we celebrate International Women’s Day! This day celebrates women’s rights across the globe. Also remember that this week-end is Daylight Savings Time. Before you go to bed Saturday night turn your clocks AHEAD one hour. You’ll be losing one hour (the same hour you “gained”) last Fall. Hope everyone has a great week-end!… [Read More]

Friday just around the corner!

post preview image I love this and sometimes it helps me get through a rough part of my day! Sometimes the key to personal happiness is getting that one thing done that we’ve been dreading doing. Once it’s out of the way we feel free to take the world. Have a great… [Read More]

March is Nutrition Month!

post preview imageThis year’s theme, “Simply Cook and Enjoy!” will primarily focus on inspiring families to get back into the kitchen to simply cook and enjoy healthy meals with their families. Sometimes keeping it simple can be the least stressful. It can also give you more time to enjoy meal time your supper with your family. Below, please see the following page for some great information, tips and advice from dietitians, the food and nutrition experts. Tips from the Dietitians of Canada Happy Nutrition Month!… [Read More]

It’s the last day of February…….

post preview image What a fast month it has been and now we begin the month of March. Hopefully the weather will be getting better so we can enjoy the outdoors. But for now we need to embrace the cold winter weather for what it’s worth. One complaint many of us have this season is dry, cracked skin, and sometimes lotion just isn’t enough. But remember certain foods can help our skin stay hydrated. • Water • Salmon, walnuts and flax • Avocado • Sweet potatoes and carrots • Cucumbers and green beans Remember by… [Read More]

Throw back Thursday!

Remember some days will be a little harder than others. Always remember that “Sometimes the struggle is what makes success even… [Read More]

Hump Day!

post preview image Well, for many of us it’s the middle of the work week. Many find that this day is the absolute best day of the week, the day of maximum hope that you may get out of this week successful. Just remember after hump day the week-end gets closer. Hope everyone is having a great week. Happy Hump Day!… [Read More]

Week-end just around the corner!

Many of us have been glued watching the Olympics Winter games the last two weeks. It has been very exciting watching these athletes have such great success. Their strength and determination has been so inspiring. They have all trained and prepared for their moment to shine. Over the week-end our family is hoping to take in some of the games. Our family believes it is a great family activity, as your children will remember forever watching the Olympics with the family. Hope everyone has a great… [Read More]

Thursday February 20, 2014

post preview image Well, Thursday is here and what a long week it has been. Under the winter weather? This wintery weather does not help us much, when we’re trying to stay motivated for a healthy lifestyle. I know that February is pretty dull, but try to stay happy and healthy during the winter months. By mixing up your daily routine, getting involved more outside of the house and eating properly the winter months can be much more enjoyable and easier to get through. Remember that summer is just around the… [Read More]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

post preview image Well, today is the most romantic day of the year. All the sweets, and sweet ideas, for celebrating Valentine ’s Day with your loved one, family and friends. Remember “Health” is the best gift that you can give yourself and your loved one. Hope everyone has a great week-end.… [Read More]


post preview image Many agencies on Family Violence are once again having Family Violence Prevention Week during the week of February 9 to 15, 2014. Family violence is considered to be any form of abuse, mistreatment or neglect that a child or adult experiences from a family member, or from someone with whom they have an intimate relationship. Everyone should live free from domestic violence and abuse. Having healthy relationships and feeling safe in our homes, workplaces and communities is important to our… [Read More]


post preview image Good morning, well Friday is finally here. After a long week, what are your plans for the week-end? Well, I am off for our annual girl’s week-end. We are hoping to get out and do some snow shoeing. It looks like it is going to be a great week-end to get out and do some winter activities. Last night when I got to the gym, I was feeling down and sluggish and I knew I didn’t want to be there. Than a friend of mine said, “Try the five-minute rule”. If you don’t feel like exercising when it comes… [Read More]

Welcome to February!

post preview image It’s hard to believe that January has come and gone and the end of the first week in February is here. For many of us our goals for a healthier lifestyle have faded. But for many of us we are still going strong. Try to realize that goals differ from motivation. Goals are the destination for the journey. Motivation is the “drive” to keep you going. Try to stay focused, if you have a bad day, forget it and start fresh the next day!… [Read More]

Healthy Wraps

post preview image Happy Friday everyone! Well, this week-end is Super Bowl week-end and in our house my husband and son will be requesting some tasty snacks to enjoy while watching the game. So I wanted to make some healthy wraps for them. Here are some of their favorites: Turkey, Avocado and Hummus Wrap Ingredients: • 1 whole wheat tortilla • 2-3 tablespoons red pepper hummus • 2 slices low-sodium deli turkey • ½ avocado, sliced • Pickle slices Directions: Spread tortilla with hummus, and then layer on turkey,… [Read More]

Breakfast: Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

post preview imageHow many times has someone reminded you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The common question is “what can I eat”? Or many suggest that they don’t eat anything at all. I honestly cannot leave home without having breakfast. Personally I find if I don’t eat breakfast, I am hungry all day, and my food choices for the rest of the day may not be the best. I try to think of what I’m going to eat for breakfast the night before. For instance if I wanted to have an orange with my… [Read More]

Shape Up: How to Stop Making Excuses

Here are a few tools to get re-motivated today… Here are three ways to stop making excuses and be on your way to your healthier you! Excuse #1: I don’t have time – For many of us we have packed our schedules to the brim. The truth of the matter is that if something is a priority, you will make time for it. Every little bit counts, and making the time for exercise will get your mind back in gear. Excuse #2: My gym is too far – while the gym may be right down the street, there is no reason to… [Read More]

Happy Friday!

Well, the week-end is here…it’s been a long week. What are your plans for the week-end? We’ll be taking in a basket game and some great hockey. Then on Sunday we are joining some extended family for a little get together since we couldn’t get together over the holidays. We are also planning on doing a family activity. Get out there and do something fun….maybe something new? Have a great week-end!… [Read More]

Owning our Health

Well, it’s hard to believe that January is halfway over. Many of us have engaged in the ritual of New Year resolutions. I believe that “New Promise’s” each year swiftly vanish and are not a helpful way to foster change. Try to make goals that are attainable. Achieving these smaller goals also gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivation for the bigger plan!… [Read More]

Happy Friday !

Well, this week has come to an end; it was a busy week for a lot of us with Christmas concerts. And for many of us this week-end brings more decorating, shopping and Christmas parades etc. In my opinion, the holidays are not fulfilling unless I find some way to give back to the community. It really makes every little blessing I take for granted in my own life feel so much more special, and it helps me to appreciate the magic of the holiday season. So I am recommending that everyone try to give… [Read More]

Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression

The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests – stress and depression. And it’s no wonder. The holidays present a dizzying array of demands such as parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, just to name a few. But with some practical tips, you can minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. You may even end up enjoying the holidays more than you thought you would. Here are some tips to prevent holiday stress and depression: •Be Realistic •Stick to a budget •Plan ahead… [Read More]

Happy Hump Day!

The cold weather is upon us, please remember to test your smoke alarms. Homes fires happen more often in winter than any other season because of the increased use of heating systems. Remember to test your smoke alarms. It is recommended that you do the following: • Testing alarms at least once a month and cleaning the units in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. • Installing new batteries at least once a year. • Keeping batteries in alarms and never borrowing them for other… [Read More]

TGIF…..November gone!

It’s the end of November where did this month go. December is upon us….I so love Christmas …..such a beautiful time of year… if you just focus on the true meaning …. be good to each other & show generosity without regret and most of all remember the reason for the season. Have a super week-end and enjoy giving and help those in need.… [Read More]

Mantic Monday

Well, it’s hard to believe that it is the last week of November. Where has November gone, but exactly one month from today Santa will be here? With all the stress of Christmas and the busy schedules ahead remember to get your fitness in and save that treat for the many xmas gatherings you will be attending. For many of us we may have to do some extra workouts with all the functions we get invited to. Here’s to a fabulous… [Read More]

Tis the Season

Well, it’s the end of a short week for many of us. This week-end many of us will be preparing lists for the up-coming holiday season. Some of us will be heading to the malls in hopes of crossing off some of the people on our lists. Or maybe you’ll be home choosing to do some Xmas cleaning or cooking and baking. Some may even take in a Christmas parade. The official holiday season is in full gear. I don’t like the hustle or bustle but I love the feeling of spending time with family. Hope you all… [Read More]

Inspirational Quote

What a beautiful day….I wanted to share this great quote with you all! “Surround yourself ONLY with people who are going to lift you HIGHER!” -Oprah Winfrey… [Read More]

Winter Wellness Tips

Well, many of us woke up this morning to a dusting of that white stuff we call snow! Many of us not prepared, below are some great tips for winter. Cooler temperatures often bring along the season’s sniffles and colds. With a few winter wellness tips, you can prepare for a happier and healthier season, regardless of your budget, with the following tips. • Preventive care – a nutritious diet and plenty of rest can help you stay strong this winter so consider keeping juices, vegetables and fruits… [Read More]

Remembrance Day

post preview imageWell, the week-end is just around the corner, and for many of us it’s a long week-end. Remembrance Day is coming up and around the region there will be special events to commemorate and remember those who represent our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Our family always takes part in a service. This year our daughter will be laying a wreath in honor of my father. Have a great week-end!… [Read More]

November is Flu season!

Remember to roll up your sleeves….everyone is encouraged to get the flu shot. Take advantage of the flu immunization clinics being offered in your communities. Be prepared, take action. Don’t let the flu get you! Have a great day!… [Read More]

Welcome to November!

TGIF! It’s the first Friday of November, and I have a feeling this month if going to be a good one. It’s also Movember for those males who are participating in mustache-growing fund raiser for prostate cancer awareness. November can be a depressing period as the beautiful flowers have disappeared, the growing season is over and the final leaves fall to the ground. And to add to that the decrease in daylight by almost an hour and turning the clocks back 1 hour. The time change happens this… [Read More]

Sweet and Salty Halloween Treats

post preview imageHappy Halloween! Well today is the day that every little goblin and ghost has been waiting for. We had some very excited kids this morning and who am I kidding, I love Halloween and can’t wait for the trick-or- treats and some great fireworks. Below, are the treats that I made for my daughter’s class Halloween party. It was super easy and my taste testers at home loved them as well. And I will be surprising my co-workers with a sample this afternoon. Things you’ll need: 1. Pretzels (can use… [Read More]

All Hallows Eve

Halloween night is quickly approaching when the streets will be filled with ghosts and goblins, not to mention princesses and fairies. As always, there are a few important Halloween safety guidelines that should be followed to ensure the night runs smoothly. Play it safe this Halloween with these simple trick-or-treat tips: • Never trick-or-treat alone, and always stay in familiar neighborhoods. • Carry a flashlight, and wear a watch you can read in the dark to obey your curfew. • Make sure… [Read More]

Happy Friday!

Well the week-end is just around the corner. We are so looking forward to some family time. Hope everyone had a fabulous week; it definitely was a busy one. Remember having a driving force to motivate you is a big part of reaching your health and fitness goals. What inspires you? For me it’s wanting to be healthy for myself and my kids. Believe me with all the running around with them, I need to have lots of energy. Hope you all have a great week-end.… [Read More]

Slow Cooker Beef Chili

post preview imageWell, there is nothing better than coming home from work after a long day to a great supper. Just made this recipe and it was delicious. My family loved it! So I thought I would share, hope your family enjoys it as well. Ingredients: •1-1/2 lb. lean ground beef •1 can (19 flo oz) red kidney beans, rinsed •1 can (14 fl oz/398 ml) no salt-added tomato sauce •2 Tbsp. chili powder •1 onion, chopped •1 can (28 fl oz/796 ml) no salt-added diced tomatoes, undrained •A few crushed chilies (red pepper… [Read More]

Happy Hump Day!

post preview imageWell, it’s the middle of the week and it’s been a very busy week. Here is another one of my favorite quotes… [Read More]

Welcome to the week-end!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the week-end. The kids are looking forward to filling the house with tissue paper ghosts and stringy spider webs. So Halloween decorating it will be! Plan some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, even as the weather cools down this season. Whether it’s raking the leaves, going for a walk or going on a Fall foliage excursion. Have a fabulous week-end!… [Read More]

Thursday Laughter!

post preview image Well, life seems to be very busy and stressful lately. Try to make time for some fun. My friend told me “Laughter is the best medicine”. So when you’re having a bad day make time to laugh and have fun together.… [Read More]

Think Pink!

post preview imageOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be breast aware during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Raise awareness and educate yourself, family and friends about breast cancer throughout the month of… [Read More]

Happy Thanksgiving!

post preview imageHappy Friday! It’s the week-end…Happy Thanksgiving….take time to count your blessings…we have so much to be thankful for….just the fact that we are here and healthy is a reason to be happy…don’t waste time…instead MAKE time for the ones you love. Have a great long week-end! Get out and do something new.… [Read More]

Healthy Turkey Burgers

Happy Thursday! One of my co-workers wanted me to share this recipe. I’m going to try it this week-end. Thanks, Meghan can’t wait to try it! Serves 6, Preparation Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 1 package lean ground turkey 3 cloves fresh garlic 1 tbsp dried dill 2 tbsp prepared mustard 1 egg 1 cup raw rolled oats Instructions: Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until well combined. Shape into burger patties. Cook in a frying pan (with a little cooking spray or vegetable oil) about 4 minutes per… [Read More]

Thanksgiving is about sharing

Thanksgiving is about sharing, giving thanks and connecting with family and friends. For our family it’s all about tradition, every year we enjoy having pumpkin pie. I recently found a healthier version of this recipe. I tried it this past week-end and it was delicious! Crustless Pumpkin Pie Ingredients: 1 can pumpkin (15 oz) 1 can evaporated skim milk (12 oz) 3/4 cup egg substitute (or 3 egg whites) 1/2 tsp salt 3 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1 tsp vanilla 2/3 C. Splenda (or sugar) or to taste… [Read More]

Happy Friday!

This is everyone’s favorite day of the week. Hope everyone is looking forward to the first official week-end of October. Tomorrow our house celebrates having a teenager in the house. Our son turns 13…WOW! So looking forward to our family gathering and creating memories. Also hoping to take advantage of the great weather and get out for a bike ride this week-end. Hope everyone has a fabulous week-end!… [Read More]

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