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Getting Ready for Summer - Sun Protection

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Energy from the sun sustains all life on earth. However, some forms of sun energy can be harmful to life. This includes the sun's burning or ultraviolet (UV) rays, the rays that can cause sunburn and skin cancer.

The earth's ozone layer, a thin veil of gas high in the earth's atmosphere, acts as our planet's sunscreen. In the past few years, the ozone layer has become slightly thinner than it used to be. This means more of the sun's UV rays can now reach the earth's surface.

Ultraviolet is a natural part of the sun's rays, it has always been with us. We should have always been careful about spending too much time in the sun, even before any loss in the earth's ozone layer.

Sunburns are not the only consequence of too much sun.

Over time, too many UV rays and repeated sunburns can cause:
-Skin cancer
-Premature aging of the skin
-Weakening of the immune system, which reduces the body's ability to fight diseases such as cancer Eye cataracts that could lead to blindness
-So remember that in both the summer and winter, you need to apply sunscreen to you and your whole family before heading outdoors.


Keep the kids and yourself well protected this summer! Lots of sunscreen, hats and try to spend time in the shade to avoid burning up. Lots of water to keep hydrated helps to avoid sunstroke as well.

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