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Sweet September!

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Where did the summer go? Hope you were all able to enjoy while it lasted.

Now that September is here many of us are getting back into our regular routines. For parents finding balance between home, work and personal time can be a challenge.

Here are a few helpful tips:

#1 - Avoid morning madness – follow the same routine every morning. Consider getting some tasks done the evening before, makes for mornings less stressful.

#2 - Make time for you – when possible make time for yourself, wake up before your kids or in the evening when they’re in bed. Whether it’s quiet time to soak in the bathtub or savor a cup of coffee. No doubt, you’ll feel less rushed and better prepared to handle the day.

#3 – Keep it simple – go easy and be reasonable about what to expect from yourself at work, home and as a parent. Focus on those things that matter most and ease up on others.

#4 – Develop a sick plan in advance – kids get sick and will need to stay home due to illness. Plan ahead to avoid a crisis.

When your morning has a good start, it can make your whole day feel more wonderful!

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