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Benefits of using a food journal

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For those of you wanting to lose weight you need to change your lifestyle by making healthier food choices and increasing your activity on a long-term basis.

Keeping a food journal helps to reinforce new attitudes and behaviors toward eating because the act of writing your intake down helps you to pay attention.

You may also feel rewarded by seeing that you have met your targets for calories, sugar, fat, protein and other nutrients for the day or longer periods.

Knowing that you will need to record your food may also serve as a deterrent to making poor food choices at a particular meal.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to give this a try:
• To keep track of how many calories you're eating
• To keep track of how many carbs, proteins and fats you eat.
• To keep up with how much water you drink
• To keep up with how many times you cheat on your diet
• To keep track of when you eat your meals - You want to eat your meals at least 2-to-3 hours apart.
• To keep track of how many meals you eat

Happy Journaling !

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