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Good morning, well Friday is finally here. After a long week, what are your plans for the week-end? Well, I am off for our annual girl’s week-end. We are hoping to get out and do some snow shoeing. It looks like it is going to be a great week-end to get out and do some winter activities.

Last night when I got to the gym, I was feeling down and sluggish and I knew I didn’t want to be there. Than a friend of mine said, “Try the five-minute rule”. If you don’t feel like exercising when it comes time? Tell yourself you’ll do it for five minutes, and then see how you feel. By then, you’ll likely decide to continue.

Also, think of “hygiene”, this will help you rethink the way you view exercise. Think of it as something you’re going to do every day as part of a daily routine, just as with brushing your teeth.
I hope these thoughts motivate you to do something active.

Have a great week-end.
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Excellent post! Great thinking! :) I"ll have to try the 5 minute rule!

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