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Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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Well, many of us are cleaning up after a beautiful spring snow storm. Let’s hope this is the last of the white stuff.

One topic I want to discuss today is our rising grocery bill. This is probably one of the famous topics with your friends and family is trying to budget grocery shop and eat healthy. I personally see that I am spending more money and taking home fewer bags of groceries.

Here are some budget grocery shopping tips:

• Buy in bulk – if you buy bigger packages, when you get home separate things like chicken and fish

• Have a plan – make your shopping list at home and stick to it. I like to plan my meals ahead of time and only buy what we need for the week

• Skip the snack and soda aisle

• Visit the “reduced” section at the back of the store, you can find some great discount prices

• Use your coupons

• Read store flyers to find out what are the best deals

Happy shopping!
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Christa Fortune
These are excellent tips! :)

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