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Tip Thursday - June 26, 2014

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Since the end of the school year is near, many of us have a road trip planned during the summer break. Here are some Traveling Tips for toddlers and children;

• Do a media fast before the trip – take away all electronics, than give them to play with on the trip

• Invest in a headrest DVD player – watching movies will make the trip go faster for kids

• Serve special snacks – pick up their favorite snacks

• Pack a busy bag – go to the Dollar store and pick some craft items, books, travel games etc

• Bring a potty – kids constantly need to use the bathroom, at least now you can stop along the route

• Keep them in their pj’s – this is super comfy for them

• One of the parents sit in the back with them – take turns driving and the other parent sits in the back with them to assist and keep them occupied

Happy Traveling!

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