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Tip Thursday - July 3

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Hope everyone is having a great week. Here’s a great tip that I want to share with you for the summer.

Drying laundry outside saves money and energy! The bonus is it smells refreshing as well!

Have a great day.
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Laurie Hancock
Hey Corri;
I read your Blog every week, and I really enjoy your tips and suggestions. I have never replied with a comment in the past, however I feel that my comment may help some allergy suffers out there.
I am all about saving money and energy and I have dried my laundry outside many times in the past. However no more for me ! My son had allergy tests done about 5 years ago, and they confirmed that he has an allergy to a number of things including dust, dust mites and grass. They suggested that I do not dry his laundry or bed clothes outside. So of course I no longer do this ! His allergies have been much better since then, as well as my husbands too.
Unfortunately, I will not be saving energy or money with my laundry, but I also have a much happier son and husband.
Just a thought for those Allergy sufferers out there.

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