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Tip Thursday! October 30, 2014

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Tomorrow is Halloween and every child cannot wait to get out and do some trick or treating.

Here are some great tips for healthy choices on Halloween day.

• Knowing that the night will be full of treats, lighten up the rest of the meals.

• Include healthy, fiber-rich foods for breakfast that morning to ensure your kids will be satisfied and full going to school, which may help cut back on them snacking on treats at school Halloween parties.

• Discuss how much candy would be reasonable for the kids to eat when they get home. Planning ahead could prevent a future meltdown.

• Limit treats by serving them alongside something healthy. Allow them to select two to three items from their Halloween stash per day as long as they agree to have something healthy with each treat; such as a glass of milk with their chocolate instead of juice.

• Send healthy treats to their Halloween parties. There are plenty of great ideas for healthy treats online.

Have a safe & healthy Halloween!


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