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Welcome to November

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The first week of November is over already and this week was an adjustment with the daylight savings time. Hopefully, everyone is adjusted and settled back into their regular routines by now.

The dreaded fall flu is quickly approaching us, here are some simple solutions that will keep you healthy and avoid the fevers, congestion, runny nose and aches of getting sick.

Best ways to avoid a cold or flu:

• Wash your hands frequently – the best way to prevent colds and flu, wash hands with warm water and lathering with soap

• Use hand sanitizer – it’s best to keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your pocket or at your desk for times when you can’t wash your hands

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth – to protect yourself from colds and flus, be extra vigilant about not touching your eyes, nose and mouth

• Avoid sick people – when someone you know is sick, avoid physical contact such as hugs and handshakes, and simply explain that you are trying to stay healthy during cold and flu season

• Practice healthy habits – it’s important to get enough sleep, eat your fruits and vegetables and avoid smoking and excessive alcohol

• Get a flu shot – flu vaccines cause the body to create antibodies approximately two weeks after the vaccine is taken, it’s best to get the flu shot sooner than later

If you do get sick:

Cover your cough – cough into your elbow, this prevents the spread of germs because very few things touch your elbow directly – unlike your hands

Stay home – the best way to prevent other people from getting sick is to stop spreading germs

Consider getting your flu shot to protect yourself, your family, your co-workers and friends


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