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An Active Child: Tips for encouraging your kids to keep active

Help kids enjoy their way to a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as one hour of physical activity every day: at home, at school, at play.  Every step counts!

Physical activity plays an important role in the health, well-being and quality of life of all Canadians, and it is particularly important for children and youth. By forming these healthy habits early they can take these lessons into the rest of their lives.

Some of the benefits include:

How much physical activity do children need?

Children aged 5-11 should accumulate at least One hour of moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily. But more is even better!

Children aged 12 and up can make the most of their physical activity, by including vigorous-intensity activities at least three days per week and activities that strengthen muscle and bone at least three days per week.

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The key is to keep the activities fun and interactive. Check out these ideas to see how you can incorporate them into your families busy schedule.

  1. Encourage walking to school and getting active as a family
  2. Get them to skateboard, bike or run instead of getting a ride
  3. Ask them to walk the dog with you
  4. Have them rake the leaves, shovel snow or carry the groceries
  5. Encourage them to dance to their favorite music
  6. Replace computer and TV time with family walks or bike rides
  7. Take kids to the playground or to the park to play
  8. Encourage them to play outside
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