Get Moving

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Easy Ways to Start

Becoming more physically active is easier than you think! Start slowly by adding physical activities that you enjoy into your daily routine and build your way up to 30-60 minutes of moderate activity each day. Different exercises are more age appropriate then others; check out the options below.


Start early and get your toddlers moving.

  • Encourage your young kids to play.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing and minimally structured play environment.
  • Get your child to climb, swing and play at the local playground.
  • Instead of using a pram or stroller, encourage your child to walk part of the way.
  • Too wet or cold out? Turn up the music and have a dance party.
toddler swimming


Try a variety of activities with your children.

  • Take a walk/wheel after supper – and make it an adventure
  • Organize neighborhood games to help children make active choices
  • Dance, dance, dance
  • Create a walking/wheeling school bus
  • Pretend to slither like a snake and roll like a rolling pin down a small grassy slope
boys playing baseball


Choose activities you think you might like. Try unstructured physical play with your friends.

  • Enroll in minor sport programs each season – try different positions or events
  • Play as many different sports as you can at school, during physical education classes, intramurals or on school teams
  • Try to participate in some land-based, water-based and snow/ice-based activities
  • Take the dog for a walk Rake the leaves Work on your flexibility, speed, endurance and strength
two teenage girls laughing


Make time to be physically active.

  • Focus on daily physical activity and not just “exercise”! Scrub, dig, shovel, walk, play ride or wheel through your day
  • Join a gym, and keep it fresh by taking classes, like boxing, yoga, combat training or step
  • Enter a charity walk
  • Instead of turning on the TV after dinner, go for a walk with your partner, dog or children
girl doing yoga


Maintain your health and independence as you age.

  • Build physical activity into your daily routine
  • Do the activities you are doing now, more often
  • Try out a class in your community
  • Start slowly with easy stretching
  • Find activities you enjoy and bring a friend to share in the fun!
two older adults out for a brisk walk