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Mi'kmaq Culture at Mactech

Mactech Distance Education resides in Nova Scotia - the traditional ancestral homeland of the
Mi'kma'ki people which also includes Prince Edward Island, the Gaspe peninsula, the southern regions of Newfoundland, eastern New Brunswick and costal Maine (USA). The history of the Mi'maq people has evolved for more than 10,500 years with a rich tapestry of knowledge, traditions, innovations and world views.

Important events for students to commenerate each year are Mi'kmaq Treaty Day on October 1st, and Mi'kmaq History Month in October.

Sharing Experiences and Teachings

MDE Student Services team asks students to self-identify so that we may recognize their culture and help share their experiences with other students, sourcing funding and facilitating relationships.  We invite you to complete our Aboriginal Self-Identification form. Please complete, save, and return to dbear@homeed.com. The form can also be found within the Enrolment Portal of our website.

History and stories passed from elders are lessons in life that govern perspectives and beliefs. We want to share these oral traditions, values and customs to promote the survival of aboriginal culture and bring understanding to non-natives. We invite you to share some of your stoies as well by speaking to or emailing our Aboriginal Student Coordinator, Dawn Bear.

Mi'kmaq Cultural Video Links


I decided on Mactech for the convenience, where I lived there are transportation issues. I really liked my course and that it wasn’t like your traditional classroom - I enjoyed working on my own terms. I was able to keep up with the scheduling and due dates and now I’m employed by my First Nation Community for a gravel pit dispatcher – I create all the tickets and dispatch to fulfill orders.

My advice to those thinking about Mactech would be “GO FOR IT”! I would love to give encouragement to the younger Aboriginal people. MDE is wonderful; it will help you obtain skills for your future. All the best of luck!

Cindy Big-Plume - Graduate