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Alberta First Nation Community Changes its Name

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On January 1st, 2014, the community known as Hobbema First Nations changed its name to Maskwacis.

The name change shows a respect for the Cree way of life. The old name “Hobbema” isn’t a Cree word. The area actually didn’t become known as Hobbema until 1891 when the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway named a flag station after a Dutch landscape painter.

Reclaiming the traditional name, Maskwacis, which means “Bear Hill, Land of the Cree” was a welcome change. The name instills a sense of pride in Cree values, languages, culture, and history. It represents homegrown culture and will better reflect the heritage of the people who live there.

With a good number of current and past students from the communities of Samson Cree, Montana, Louis Bull, and Ermineskin First Nations, Mactech Distance Education recognizes the importance of acknowledging and assisting the communities in growing a positive reputation and spreading awareness of their reclaimed name. Hay Hay!
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Terri D Baptiste
I 'am a band member of the Samson Cree Nation and seeing this post makes me feel very appreciative, I'm a recent graduate from Mactech going onto my 2nd year with you and I must say I love the help and support I had received from the instructors I now have my Business Management and I encourage all first nation students to not give up on your studies if you feel the need to give up take a second and think about the possibilities you may have in the future with the diploma you will be receiving.