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In the NewsBursary Awarded

Bursary Awarded

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MDE is pleased to award the 2014-2015 Bursary for Persons with Disabilities to an exceptional applicant, Maria Kristina Schauber.

Ms. Schauber has been awarded approximately $2,200 towards her training at Mactech Distance Education in the field of Human Resources Administration.

Having a learning disability for the majority of her academic life has played a role in increasing Kristina’s determination. “Being awarded this bursary with MDE has affected my life in such a way that it encourages me to study harder. It has also encouraged me to learn more in every aspect of my life. You are never really done learning.” says Ms. Schauber

The bursary award from MDE has allowed Kristina to take the next steps towards her future. After completion of the HRA program, Ms. Schauber plans to work with the Career Services department to find a rewarding position in the HR field. “I really want to continue to learn and to grow and I encourage people to pursue their dreams, you never know what could happen”.

MDE would like to officially congratulate Ms. Schauber and wish her all the best with the Human Resources Administration program and her future endeavors.

The Bursary for Persons with Disabilities is now closed for 2014-2015; the next opportunity for application will be 2016-2017.