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Distance Education – a Slam Dunk

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North Sydney, Nova Scotia – Recently Media Planet publication, The Next Step, as featured in the Toronto Star, did a story on the importance of distance education - highlighting Shaquille O’ Neal and his experience earning an education while playing in the NBA.

Four-time NBA champion and recent online education ambassador, O’Neal, describes his experience with online education; how it can create a world of possibilities for people with busy schedules.

The flexibility and accessibility of online education are only two of the many benefits that make online and distance education a superior choice for learning.

Also featured in the publication is Mactech Distance Education graduate, Tabetha Gormley, discussing how education has transformed her life and has set her on a path to success - read her graduate perspective.

Mactech Distance Education, more commonly known as HomeED has been providing quality education to Canadians for over 25 years. Known as an innovator in distance learning; MDE is meeting the world's demands for quality online learning. Mactech is the only Nationally Accredited and ISO 9001:2008 Certified College in Canada.

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