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Flexibility, convenience and choice.

From the basics of the most widely used office applications and business skill sets, to the most advanced technical courses, MDE will meet your training needs. Our students are assured that the training we provide is relevant, up-to-date and effective. To communicate this commitment, we continuously search for the best curriculum; most advanced software and align educational options with the latest Labour Market research. Realize the full value of your investment when you chose MDE.


Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Are you well organized, self-motivated, and able to manage time efficiently? Our dedicated team of professionals is here for you – our goal is to ensure you are well suited to the program you choose

Benefits of Attending MDE

Distance Learning is now the preferred educational option for hundreds of thousands of students annually. This is mainly due to it being an interactive tool that allows students to learn at their pace, on their own schedule.

Entrance Requirements

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or looking to apply as a mature student our Admission Representatives will guide you through the process for college entrance.

Student Financial Assistance

There are many options available to help you with the cost of your education.

How to Apply

So you’ve reviewed the entrance requirements and decided on a program - now what? There are several ways to complete your college application...choose the most convenient for you!

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MDE Boasts:

  • A 99% Satisfaction Rating
  • Real People offering Exceptional Service
  • Career specialists who connect Graduates with TOP Employers
  • Up-to-date, effective training
  • Certification Exams included
  • Classmate interaction from across Canada
  • Unlimited support from registered Instructors
  • An 80% Employment Rate