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Many people want to go to school, but not all people are ready. The Admissions process at MDE is thorough in an effort to identify those who have a solid understanding of what is expected in a distance education environment and are prepared to make the commitment.  Having this responsible admission practice is not meant to be a method of discouragement but rather our commitment to look out for your best interest.

We realize that the decision to enhance your education is not made lightly. We provide the best possible experience for all of our students and ensure that we provide each student with the necessary information and support, both academic and financial, and assist you with completing the application process.

Students begin their studies every day! So, there's no need to wait for school to open – we’re open all year long so that we can fit your schedule.

Academic Requirements

Admission to any of our college-level Diploma Programs requires ONE of the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  • Passing Grade on an acceptable aptitude test
  • Mature Student Status*
  • You have been out of school for at least one year
  • You are at least 21 years of age

Required Documentation

Applying with a Grade 12 or Equivalent

  • Transcripts, GED, or Test Results
  • Copy of 2 pieces Government Identification
  • 1 Character or Professional Reference
  • letter outlining future plans and goals
  • Employment Research Form

Applying as a Mature Student

  • School transcripts
  • Copy of 2 pieces Government Identification
  • Three letters / forms of reference
  • letter outlining future plans and goals
  • Employment Research Form
  • Current resume

Admissions Interview

Once we receive your application, your dedicated Admission contact will complete a telephone interview with you. This step is vital to ensure that you are choosing the right program, to prepare you for what lies ahead, and to be certain that you have the right support system in place to successfully graduate.

Admissions Portal

Once you have completed the interview process, you will be given access to the Enrollment Portal where you can immediately begin your studies in the Introductory Course. Your participation and success in this course is key for your continuation on to the CORE curriculum.  As an added benefit, applicants have access to a number of FREE occupational related courses that can enhance your opportunity for success. You can also monitor your application progress, send and receive messages from college staff and Upload documentation for your file.

There's no better time to start! Make your future a success! Apply Now!

Meet Our Admissions Team

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