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Defining Applicant Needs and Recommending Solutions

During the enrolment process, our first step is to develop a solid, trusting relationship and understand the needs of each applicant.  Once this is achieved our trained staff work with you to identify what training is needed to help you reach your career goals. Once the learning path is identified, applicants receive in-depth support and counseling on the application process, budgeting, financial assistance and how to be a successful online learner.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Being the first and most reputable College in Canada that specializes in distance education, we have had the past 25 years to critique, define, and implement the best processes. As a result, we provide the most successful method of education.

However, as flexible and effective as we can be, online learning isn’t right for everyone. Are you a good candidate? Many students strongly desire to continue their education. However, other situations in their lives often prevent them from being able to do so. During the Interview process, you will be asked questions in regards to the other elements in your life that may impact your ability to continue your education. This information will allow us to more effectively provide the resources for support that you need to be successful in achieving your educational goals.

Course and Career Counseling

At Mactech, prospective and continuing students are provided with course and career counsel throughout the enrolment/admissions process so that they can make an informed choice on the program that is right for them. There are many things to think about before choosing your course and one of the most important is, ‘what are my career goals?’ We want to ensure you are choosing a course that will guide and prepare you for a career that you will love! Your personal rep can help.

Admission procedures are in place to promote student success.

Comprehensive course, career, and financial counsel is provided – our goal is to ensure you are well suited to the program you choose; we do not want to set you up for failure or leave you with a debt you cannot manage.

Benefits of attending MDE

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