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A+ Technical Support

An Excellent Online Educational Tool

HomeEd is an excellent online educational tool especially as a mother with a child at home wanting to get my A+ certification without the hassle of taking my child to daycare (costs) and not to mention transportation to a school. HomeEd has provided me with the education that I needed to Successfully Pass My A+ Technical Support Specialist Certification Exam! Thanks! Oh, and another excellent thing about HomeEd was the High-Tech Computer provided for you at no additional cost which included all accessories! Love the LCD monitor! Excellent! At HomeEd, I can stay with my child and still get the Professional Education that I needed. Great place to be when you are in a similar position as I was.

Ezra Bergsma - A+ Technical Support

I accomplished my set goals!

Mactech Distance Education has allowed me to accomplish my set goals, but yet maintain my daily living and responsibilities in the comfort of my own home. Two years ago I was computer illiterate, today I am in the process of building my own company and 4 months away from opening my own computer shop (Mind-Free PC). Mactech college, the instructors, and all the technical support staff, and let's not forget Alison, Kimberly, and of course George, have all played a major role in helping me to accomplish something that will provide me and my family an income for years to come.
I am truly a success story, and getting involved with Mactech has been the smartest decision I have ever made and the greatest experience of my life. I'm 36 years old. Thanks to all for everything. I couldn't have done it without you!!

Harold Mann - A+ Technical Support

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things...

I signed up for the A+ program not really knowing what to expect. But having completed the program, I can’t say enough good things about it. First of all, the administration is top notch. Enrollment was a breeze. All questions were answered immediately by the knowledgeable staff. Once I started my program, I found the instructors to be second to none. Whenever I had a question, there was an instructor on hand to answer my questions fully. The course material is actually so well written, that I rarely needed clarification on anything at all. The equipment could not be better. What other institution do you know that trains you on high end equipment and also lets you keep it once you graduate? Overall, the school is awesome. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Brad Perry - A+ Technical Support

I’m Now Repairing and Building Computers

My experience was great, I loved the A+ and now I’m back for my second program. The instructors are great and very helpful and the staff is awesome at helping you to get started. I found the course fun and interesting and I’m now repairing and building computers. I never thought I could do it at the age of 35 but dreams can come true!

Johna MacIntosh - A+ Technical Support

Career Services Works!

After doing my Administrative Legal Computer course, I received a call from Career Services to see if I would be interested in some help with my resume and also in finding a job in my field. I accepted their help and am very happy that I did...I received a job! I am very thankful for everything HomeEd has done for me since being part of their school, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to further their education. Thanks for all your help!

Justine Martell - Administrative Legal Computer

Completing My Education While Still Working

I decided to enroll with HomeEd after seeing their television commercials. They were great! They let me know I could complete my education while still working. Once I began the course there was so much help available to me and it was always friendly. You could call or email when you had a problem and the response was always fast. My instructors were fabulous to talk to and no question ever went unanswered. Tech-support was there to help me as well. When I graduated my diploma was amazing!! I am very glad to have had this experience I feel I will be a success in my chosen career field of Admin. Legal Assistant. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. Every person I'd ever spoken with was so friendly and helpful it made such a difference in me when I was stuck. They were uplifting making me want to do a job.

Meranda (Fitzgerald) Wall - Administrative Legal Computer

I was Able to Reach My Goal

With this detailed and well-informed course, I was able to learn an abundant amount about the law. Along with the available and well-qualified instructors, I was able to reach my goal of becoming involved in the Canadian Legal System.

Crystal Merlin - Administrative Legal Computer

Proudest Moment

All I have to say is THANK YOU so much! I just finished my last assignment and I broke down crying. You have been so good to me even though you have never met me. This course has meant so much to me because I can now look forward to a career that I want to pursue. Of all the obstacles that I have gone through in the past year, this was by far the proudest moment of my life. I now know that I can overcome anything. Thanks again.

Jennifer Foote - Administrative Legal Computer

The Link to your Successful Future

This has been the greatest experience I have had in a long time. I was sure it would be tough, but the instructors and staff made it so easy for me to follow my course outline. All the tools necessary are available to the students. I loved the fact that the staff make you feel like someone special and important. Your opinion counts to them, and they strive on your successful course completion.
Mactech Distance Education is the best program to come around in a long time. They make learning fun and interesting throughout the course.
Thanks a million to the team.

Joyce LeBlanc - Administrative Legal Computer

The Spark to Go Further

I really did hesitate at the beginning of this program as to whether I should pursue it. Now, I'm so glad I did, and I want to thank everyone in the program for their assistance whenever I needed it. Doing this has certainly put the spark in my mind to go further, so I am. I have sent for information at the Atlantic Baptist University with regards to the ALPS Program. If accepted, and in 2 years after my course, I will have my Degree. Something I've always wanted to finish.
Again thank you for all your support and guidance.

Cynthia Crowe - Administrative Legal Computer

You Have No Idea What This Means To Me

I just wanted to thank all of you who have helped me over and really have no idea what this means to me. You have helped a single mom finally have a little piece of the real world. Knowledge is power and I thank you all for sharing what you have with me. I pray that God will bless you all the way that you blessed me. Kim, a special thank you to you for your relentless patience with me in Access.

Francine Pineau - Administrative Legal Computer

Administrative Medical Computer

A Challenging Success

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your patience and help. I Loved your personalities and the fact that you didn't mind me calling sometimes up to five times a day. The Administrative Medical Computer Course was never boring, very fun, sometimes hard (I do love a challenge). I can't even thank you guys enough. Being a new Mom in October and having a teething little boy in February, the program schedule Mactech offers helped me to be the full time mom in the day and the go-at-it- student in the evening. Thank you all so much.

Tracey Donovan - Administrative Medical Computer

A Speedy Offer

I received a phone call the day after I wrote my last exam to see if I was interested in a ward clerk position in the ER/Medical. I accepted the position. It is very overwhelming but I enjoy it very much! I never thought I would get a job that fast. I am very happy I decided to pick this course. It sure paid off!!

I will recommend HomeEd to anyone that is interested in taking a course at home.

Deborah Wentzell - Administrative Medical Computer

Career Services helped me!

I completed the Administrative Medical computer course...I contacted the Career Services team and they were great. They helped me by reading my resume and suggesting to me how to revise or word things in it. They showed me how to do a cover letter and explained the importance of it. They also e-mailed me a lot of different links to job postings in my area. The links are very helpful...I would recommend to all students to contact Career Services for all your job search needs from resumes to interview questions.

Lisa Bednar - Administrative Medical Computer

Coming Back

I just wanted to thank all of you instructors for all of your help you gave me during my course. I loved every part of it; even when I thought I will never get through this; you were there to help me. I really appreciate all of your extra work that each of you have showed me. Keep up the GREAT work and I hope to take another course from you in the future.

Thanks again everybody.

Patricia Himmelman - Administrative Medical Computer

Gaining Confidence

I am a recent graduate of Mactech and I just wanted to send a quick email to thank everyone for all their help throughout my course. I have the confidence to go out there and find a job that I know I have the training needed. Once again I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped me.

Joyce Brewer - Administrative Medical Computer

Holding My Head Up High

I am happy to say that after almost 8 years of being a stay-at-home mom of three boys, I am now back in the work-force and enjoying every day working with the public. I was employed in April with a local doctor's office in my community and love the fact that I am helping people. The doctors are wonderful and my co-workers are the best. Thank you so much Mactech for giving me something that helps me hold my head up high!

Dianna Dalrymple - Administrative Medical Computer

I Got a Job as a Ward Clerk in a Hospital

I got a job as a Ward Clerk in a hospital and I am going to start working in a few weeks every Friday for two doctors as their secretary. The skills I learned through my course most certainly have helped me a lot. Thank you!

Paula Larkin - Administrative Medical Computer

I Had an Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience with MacTech especially since I had dropped out of high school in the late 90's and never did finish. I found the course load very well laid out and the work load was very manageable with the time allowed to complete projects. Staff was extremely helpfull with my enrollment to my course load always very helpful and friendly. I had spent alot of time looking around and found MacTech to be the best suited to me and was not disappointed in my choice.

Andrew Hunt - Administrative Medical Computer

I loved it all the way through!

Okay my experience at Mactech, I loved it all the way through! It was great I could work at my own pace, the instructors were amazing, nice, kind and if they heard nothing from you for a couple days they would call to make sure that everything was ok. I am always bragging about Mactech. There’s nothing that I can say that is not positive. I have referred a couple of my friends and hopefully they will enjoy Mactech as much as I did!

Danica Cormier - Administrative Medical Computer

I Made the Right Choice!

Having been out of the job market for roughly 15 years, I was uncertain of what I should pursue. I have to say, I am extremely thankful I enrolled in the Administrative Medical Computer course at Mactech and received the education I did. Everyone was so helpful from start to end - and beyond, as I am currently receiving assistance from Amanda O'Brien on my resume and cover letter. Thank you once again for the recommendation letter and also thanks to everyone at Mactech for helping me obtain my diploma and ensuring that I am successful in my job search. I am sharing the positive experiences I had while taking my courses with everyone I know and I, myself, may return in the future to further my education.

Virginia Brick - Administrative Medical Computer

Medical Course Beneficial to Nursing

I am planning to go into nursing in the fall of 2005 and did a little research and found that taking this Medical course through Mactech would be beneficial. I think you have exceptional courses available for students that can't be tied down to a school everyday. Thank You,

Kristin Speight - Administrative Medical Computer

My Success Story...

My name is Charmaine Ottar and I graduated from MacTech in May with my Medical Administration diploma, it was demanding, and to say the least challenging but worth every minute..

I recently moved to Red Deer, Alberta and within 3 weeks I had a great job working in a Medical office, I have finally found my calling. With everything that this course brought me I was able to go into the interview with confidence and GET my dream job..

Thanks to all of you who helped me achieve this goal in my life.

Charmaine Ottar - Administrative Medical Computer

No More Flipping Burgers

I just finished my Administrative Medical Computer course June 8th. I had 4 job interviews so far! It is so nice to walk into an interview and know that you are now a "professional". I get more respect now and a lot more job opportunities.
I will never go back to flipping burgers again!
Thank you so much for all the support and help I received from everybody at Home Ed. I like it so much that I am starting the Computerized Business Management course next month.
I will recommend you to anyone who wants to get out of the "minimum wage rut" and further their careers!

Melissa Weihers - Administrative Medical Computer

Not Just a Number

It's nice to see that the students at Mactech aren't just a pay check for the Instructors, like it seems at other schools. Thank you for being concerned.

Gayle Fulawka - Administrative Medical Computer

The End Result Feels Awesome!

I just completed the course on July 20th. I’m 35 yrs old. I have two small kids and a stay at home mom. There were times that I felt overwhelmed too but I would just close the books and start new the next day. When I did that everything seemed so much simpler and different. The instructors were awesome to me while I was a student. The first couple of times I had to call I felt real intimidated because I didn’t know what I was talking about myself to even ask for help but through talking it through we got there and the problems were not so bad.

I also had a study buddy that I met through this forum and that really helped both of us. It was great that we could just pick up the phone and vent to each other rather than just to our husbands.
I am sure that if I can get through this course with the marks that I received that anyone can. In the end you will feel like you achieved something that many people wouldn’t even attempt to try.

Best of luck to everyone; keep your chin up, call the instructors, relax and pace yourselves. The end result feels awesome!

Suzannah Smith - Administrative Medical Computer

The Time Flew By

I can't believe I graduated already! The time just flew by...I know for sure I will miss the instructors, they all were great! I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who helped out and a little advice to those doing the can do anything you put your mind to, just take your time and relax, everything will work out. You have the help of wonderful instructors by your side. Good luck everyone! I will be sure to keep in touch.

Pamela Heald - Administrative Medical Computer

Advanced Medical with Accounting

My whole experience has been excellent

The whole experience has been excellent!!!When I contacted HomeED about the Advanced Medical with Accounting course they were very helpful and informative with any questions I had. They really are there for you, and there is no pressure to sign up. Admissions will guide you through every step, from your very first phone call.
I will be graduating in June, the course and instructors have been great!

Crystal Delaney - Advanced Medical with Accounting

Computerized Business Management

An Appreciative Response

I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you. I have really enjoyed the course and am going to miss it. You have all been great and I've appreciated your help over the past year. I wish you all the very best.

Thank you all!

Sharon Robertson - Computerized Business Management

Excited About the Future

I have really enjoyed my time at Home Ed. I am thinking about starting another come the fall! It has really helped me out with work and my new business!! My mother-in-law and I are going into business and with my new learned skills I am very very excited about it!
I wanted to thank everyone there for all the help and patience you have given me over the past year.
Thank you again!

Meghan Smith - Computerized Business Management

Going that Extra Mile

What can I say except ...THANK YOU! The staff there have been more than instructors, and will be remembered as not only great teachers, but people who really cared and went that extra mile and made a huge difference in someone's life

As always, a very grateful student,

Bonnie St. Peter - Computerized Business Management

Highly Recommended

I have nothing but fantastic things to say about all the instructors and other members of your faculty. From immediate response times to my questions, to being polite and patient when I have trouble getting technical area concepts. This is my second diploma I have completed with you and I have recommended your school to several friends, some of whom started this year and some who are planning on starting soon. I have gone to a couple of other schools and the student resources you offer are top notch. Thanks again for everything!

Darryl Penney - Computerized Business Management

I Feel Great About the Person You've Helped Me Become

I am writing to tell you that I am very pleased with the course I have just finished. Technical Support was great they always fixed the problem right away. Support and Evaluation was excellent they always were there when I needed help or had questions. The instructors were very helpful and polite and also have very much patients. Thank you so much! I got a lot out of my course and enjoyed taking it also, but I also gained one more thing; I feel great about me and am very pleased with the person HomeEd has helped me become Thank you so much.

Simona Lusk - Computerized Business Management

Instructors Were Always Willing To Help

I was very pleased with the content of the business management course. Anytime I needed, the Instructors were always willing to help. I have decided to take the Graphics Design and Web Site Development course to expand my knowledge even more.

Tracyann Wood - Computerized Business Management

It's Been a Long Time Since I Went to School

It's been a long time for me since I went to school. I wasn't sure how to do this. As soon as I picked up the phone for information, I got help, even financially. During the course, if I needed help, I would call the instructors. They made me feel good about myself and they gave me help all the way; I give them a big A+. I personally don't regret one moment of my time spent on this course. And, I'm proud of myself. I recommend this to anyone who wants to accomplish something in life.

Madelaine Roy - Computerized Business Management

The Power of Financial Freedom!

Thanks to this course, I have been given the opportunity to be Marketing Advisor and Business manager for Le Bon Vivant... and recently hired by Dun & Bradstreet as a Business and Marketing Analyst.

Now, I begin to reap the rewards from a job well done. Taking this course allowed me to further my education and enhance my self-confidence. Finally working towards financial freedom!!!

Joanne Roy - Computerized Business Management

The Time Passed so Fast

I just wanted to let you all know how much I have appreciated your kindness and the much need of help throughout my course. It's been tough at times for me and you all helped me throught it and (encouraged me) not to give up.
I never thought the time would pass so fast. You all have so much patience with me trying to understand the material and putting up with kids yelling in the background to playing phone tag. I will definitely be recommending you all to any future students.

Terri-Lynn Blake - Computerized Business Management

Creative Digital Media

A Challenging Experience

Thanks so much to all you folks at Mactech! You've all been amazing! A huge thank you to all of the staff at Mactech for all the help and being so understanding! Amazing bunch you guys are! If this wasn't already my second course - I'd definitely come back.. But uhm.. I better pay off this debt first! *lol*

When I first started the course I was a bit skeptical, just because I am what I like to consider "artistically challenged". I write - NOT create. However, I was pleasantly surprised once I got going how much I really did like it! This was my second program with Mactech, this one made me think more, and I like that. Overall, the course was laid out very well just as I found with the last program I took. Thanks again - honestly a great experience!

Margret Robins - Creative Digital Media

Excited for my future

I am a recent graduate of the Administrative Medical Computer course, I enjoyed studying with Mactech so much that I have just begun another course with them. I am now taking "Creative Digital Media", and expect to graduate in May. Mactech has made me, once again, excited for my future and has helped my resume stand out. I look forward to using the skills I am learning to better my future and find the job of my dreams. I recommend Mactech to anyone who can't attend traditional classes, due to any reason. I am a Mom of three and this college has helped me get the education I've always wanted while I can still be at home with my young children! Mactech understands that Education and Family are very important even to those who don't have a lot of time to spare!
Creative Digital Media
prior grad: Administrative Medical Computer

Tammy Matchett - Creative Digital Media

Human Resources Administration

A worthwhile challenge

My name is Angela Ettinger. I am a single mother of 4 children and decided last year to go back to school to upgrade my business course. I looked at all of my options and someone I knew had attended Mactech. I decided to take Human Resources and my experience was absolutely amazing. It was challenging for me but I graduated with Honors as of December 2010. I found it easier to do the course online, as I do have 4 children and my schedule is time consuming. The evenings worked out perfect for me after they were all in bed.

The instructors were great and they marked my assignments promptly. The material was easy to follow and very understanding. I cant imagine going to school on a daily basis with my schedule and having to pay for a babysitter and traveling costs as well. There is numerous of reasons I chose Mactech, but these are the main reasons, I would recommend it to anyone. The instructors are there to answer any of your questions that may come when you are doing your course and they are more than polite and helpful.

I want to Thank all of them at Mactech. I am very grateful for getting the opportunity. I hope that anybody reading this will consider going back to get a higher education and knowledge in something that they will use in the future.

Angela Ettinger - Human Resources Administration

Exceeding Expectations

I want to take this time to thank Marjorie, Anella, Kim, Lucille, Jennifer, Angela and the Technical Support team. Without your resources and help I wouldn't be sitting here today feeling accomplished, and confident in my future. Thanks for everything! This course was everything i expected and more. I've learned more than I expected. Learning on my own time has been the highlight of my course. Thanks Mactech!

Janna Laliberte - Human Resources Administration

MATRIX: Multimedia and Animation

Wonderful Motivators

Mactech is great. I am in my second year with them and still going on. They are wonderful people; and it’s great to have the motivation they have.

Tabitha Hutson - MATRIX: Multimedia and Animation

Microsoft Office Professional

Furthering Education While at Home a Great Advantage...

I enjoyed the Microsoft Office Professional course extensively. Being able to further my education while staying at home was a great advantage for me. The Evaluation and Support Advisors and the Administrative staff were great. They were very friendly and supportive with any problems or concerns that I encountered. I have and would HIGHLY recommend Mactech Distance Education to anyone. Thanks to all!

Laurie Hancock - Microsoft Office Professional

Help, Patience, and Understanding...

I just wanted to thank you all very much for all of your help, patience, understanding, and conversation. I know that if it hadn't been for you, I would never have been able to get through the course as well as I did. Thank you so much...
I will be back soon so get ready!

Cathy Valade - Microsoft Office Professional

Providing a Better Future...

I'm writing to say thank you for all the help and support you gave me throughout my course. Without your help and patience I don't know if I could have done it....being a single mom and working...I am going to try and get a better job so I can provide for my family and myself. So thank you again... it was fun and interesting talking and learning a lot about computers.

Mary Furlong - Microsoft Office Professional

Support and Encouragement!

I work in the rehabilitation field and finished the Microsoft Office Professional course in March. I was able to work full-time and plan my wedding while taking the course. The course allowed me to implement many ideas at work. My boss relies heavily on me for the computer work and all it entails. I so enjoy it.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement!!!

Susanna Spencer-Handspiker - Microsoft Office Professional

Thank You For Believing In Me...I Did It!

The friendliness from the instructors and staff from Home-Ed was AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a better school to take this course from. I almost was not able to finish my course because I had a baby in the middle of it, but with all the support I received from everybody at this school, I cannot say thank you enough. Right now I am on maternity leave taking care of my daughter, but once that runs out, I will be working from home where I can be with my daughter all the time, without Home-Ed, I do not think this would be possible. Thank you for being so patient and kind and for believing in me. I DID IT!

Lynn Ferlatte-Gallagher - Microsoft Office Professional

Network + Support Technician

A great experience

My name is Angela Wilkins, I am a single mom with not a whole lot of time to spare, this is my second year attending Mactech Distance Education. My first year I took Matrix IT Professional (and graduated with honors), now in my second year I have chosen the Network + Support Technician course. The individuals that work in the admissions make it very easy to understand what is expected of you as well as if you are having any type of problems they are right there with you helping you every step of the way. Mactech provides all the equipment needed for your course which is definitely great! The instructors are quite patient and will work with you until you are able to understand where you are going wrong and what might be causing your issues. One of the best decisions i have ever made was to attend Mactech Distance Education.

Angela Wilkins

Angela Wilkins - Network + Support Technician

The Link to your Successful Future

This has been the greatest experience I have had in a long time. I was sure it would be tough, but the instructors and staff made it so easy for me to follow my course outline. All the tools necessary are available to the students. I loved the fact that the staff make you feel like someone special and important. Your opinion counts to them, and they strive on your successful course completion. Mactech Distance Education is the best program to come around in a long time. They make learning fun and interesting throughout the course. Thanks a million to the team.

Christine Lachance - Network + Support Technician

Visual Publishing and Web Design

A Pleasure to Complete

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all you have done for me. Your patience and understanding was very much appreciated.
It has been a pleasure for me to complete the Graphic Design and Web page Development course through Mactech.
Once Again, Thank You,

Jennifer Manning - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Already Paying Off

I would like to say thank you for all the help that you have given me. The studies that I have taken are paying off already as people and businesses are seeking my advice as well as my services.
One again thank you for all your help and patience.

John Klassen - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Dreams and Aspirations Fulfilled

I am now starting my second year of studies with Mactech Distance Education, because during the first year of studies I discovered enjoyment when I was learning the applications of Power Point. So, I am taking Graphic Design and Web Page Development. I know that it is the kind of work I will thrive in, as I am an artist by nature.
To all those that have created this virtual college and to all those I had the pleasure of working with, I thank you very much. My dreams and aspirations are being fulfilled as we speak and I know the future will keep getting brighter as the years go by.

Marie Paul Gautier - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Great Expectations

I would like to thank each and every person at Mactech for their great job in getting me through my course over the past 45 weeks. I have learned a lot from this course and hope to move on with great expectations of getting a great job. (The Instructors) were great in helping me with everything I needed help with, and getting me through the tough times...

Thank You HomeEd,

William Feaver - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Growth and Progress

I will begin by saying how much I thoroughly enjoyed my course. It is very rewarding, productive, and the skills are indeed an asset! I am excited to start using these skills for my own projects, hence my reason for writing. Thank you for your time. I plan to spread the word about your institution to all my associates and friends.

Matthew Goldston - Visual Publishing and Web Design

I am finally getting my education...And I LOVE IT

I have always hated school, never liked being crowded in a small class and trying to learn while other careless students chatted away; or just made it hard for some of us to focus on what was being taught. That has always been my biggest problem. I thought I would have to deal with that fact… and not get as good as I could be, until I saw the most important TV commercial of my life.

I saw the HomeEd commercial, and called right away.

This school is perfect for me, as well as many other individuals also, I am sure. I can study quietly, alone, distraction-free and most importantly, comfortably.

They provide you with everything you need; the books are very easy to understand, and everyone that I have spoken to on the phone was very friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had such good grades. I find myself ahead in my projects; because to me, it is so easy to understand.

I have finally found a school where I can learn without stress. It is a relief to know that at 26 I am finally getting my education...And I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Tina Martin - Visual Publishing and Web Design

I Am Officially in Business!

I just wanted to let you know, mostly because I am so excited, that I just completed my first Webpage maintenance job! A little nerve wracking and you almost got a call, but I worked it out and all went well. The client is very happy and I am officially in business. Thanks so much for the support!

Frances Oram - Visual Publishing and Web Design

I Loved It... It was Fun, Entertaining and Challenging All In One

I loved it. It was fun, entertaining and challenging all in one. The instructors were there whenever I needed them to lend a helping hand, or just to give an encouraging word. I would definitely recommend Mactech to anyone who is interested in getting an excellent education with the utmost in support, help, and friendship from the instructors and the operators who will help you with your application and deciding on the course which best suits you.

Dawn Russell - Visual Publishing and Web Design

I Own My Own Business and Have Wonderful Clients

Mactech gave me the confidence to stand up and start out on my own, I achieved skills I needed to become the successful business person I am today. Thanks to the teachers at Mactech I learned the programs I needed in Graphic Communications to become a designer and consultant. Today I own my own home business and have a range of wonderful clients. I didn't have the ability to attend a college full time throughout the week, but thanks to all the wonderful support and the great opportunity that Mactech provided me, I didn't have to put my education on hold. I highly recommend their courses either as a refresher or as your college experience.

Angela Michelle Vautour - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Interested in me

Visual Publishing is the second course I have taken with Mactech and I LOVE it. Everyone there are the most amazing, positive people that I have had the pleasure to deal with. It is amazing to me that the instructors are interested in my feedback and what my problems are. They really go above and beyond with their expertise! Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to say to this amazing group of people.

Deborah Neff

Deborah Neff - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Mactech fit perfectly into my life.

Mactech fit perfectly into my life. I always knew that I wanted to further my studies in graphic design and the Visual Publishing and Web Design course was amazing. The instructors were extremely kind and patient from beginning to end. I will never regret the choice I made when I decided on furthuring my education with Mactech.

Emily Pitre - Visual Publishing and Web Design

On Cloud Nine

I was hired part-time on July 28th to assemble books and brochures while other employees were on vacation. The boss asked to speak to me on August 5th and offered me a full-time Graphics position. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine. I'll be able to put my knowledge into work. I can't wait.

Thank you all so much for everything.

Tammy Geneau - Visual Publishing and Web Design

Thanks for Believing

Thanks for believing in me and having the understanding and patience to see me through to the end! I hope I have made you proud!

Stacey MacIsaac - Visual Publishing and Web Design