Student Opinion Report

" Would you recommend this institution to a friend ", 97% said YES!

Student Survey Summary

Mactech Distance Education is accredited by the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission of Canada (CETAC) and is ISO 9001-2008 registered. Quality standards and the quality of education and service are paramount to the management and staff of the college. In October 2012, CETAC performed an impartial student survey. This document summarizes the results of that survey. We have received many prestigious acknowledgements during the past twenty five years. However, nothing compares to receiving an excellent approval rating from our students.

CETAC Survey Report Results


Admissions and Student Finance - 99%

Potential students receive in-depth information and counseling from the Recruitment and Admission Team so they can be sure the decision that they are about to make is the right one. Our survey results indicate a 99% satisfaction rating in the areas of: providing sufficient and accurate information, professionalism of enrollment staff and accuracy of advertising fulfillment information. In addition, 99% thought that the staff was helpful in providing info regarding funding options, 99% were also satisfied with the information provided on tuition and other costs.

The Training Provided - 99%

MDE has the reputation of providing the best quality and service when it comes to our student’s education. Not only does this include offering the most up to date curriculum and learning materials, it includes the equipment and software. The results of the survey demonstrate a 98% satisfaction rating with the equipment and textbooks, and 99% satisfaction rating with the program content and the practical training that was provided.

Provision of Assistance - 99%

The importance of great Instructors cannot be emphasized enough. They are the heart of any education program, and that is especially true with distance learning. Nothing else matters if a program does not have the Instructors to carry out the proper training. When it came to rating the HomeED Instructors, students gave an overall 99% satisfaction rating in the areas of knowledge of curriculum, presentation of material and willingness to provide assistance.

Review of the Admin Group - 98%

The Administrative staff received an overall 98% satisfaction rating for their willingness and ability to provide assistance, their knowledge of the college’s policies and procedures and their professionalism.

The End Result

MDE Learning Solutions is the Right choice to get a GREAT Education!

Survey Details available upon request.

Student Opinion Report

Report Summary

  • Helpful & Professional People
    99% satisfaction
  • Practical Program Content
    99% satisfaction
  • Equipment & Textbooks
    98% satisfaction
  • Knowledge of Instructional Staff
    98% satisfaction

I cannot pick just one...

Mactech was recommended to me by a friend because of the convenience. After looking into the program and doing some research on job availability in my area, I knew Mactech was the perfect school for me!

I have worked closely with certain staff members but I really cannot just pick one to say they stand out the most. Each staff member I have dealt with is brilliant in their own way – to name just one would be unfair!

Samantha Dort – Graduate 2013